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    Does Anyone Here Remember The 80s

    Born in 1986. All I could remember about the 80s is that my dad has a mullet, my sister has a famicom, and I watched GI Joe on TV lol.
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    Poll: "Don't look at me when I wear skimpy clothes!"

    A lot of people don't know how to stare without actually looking like you're staring lol. I do this all the time, and nobody notices. But yeah it's just human nature for someone to stare at something that catches their eye, and this is not a behavior isolated to men alone.
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    Poll: Are you religious?

    I personally find it hilarious that people assume that God is "a guy above the clouds watching us", as well as the opposite assumption that "there is lack of sufficient physical evidence to prove that there is a god". I personally believe that if there is a God, He is amused at how we assume all...
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    Poll: Are you religious?

    Yeah I'm religious. If you look at *how* religious is suppose to play out, everyone should be chillin' and at peace with one another, which is the big picture in all major religions. Religion is awesome, too bad people claiming to uphold religion sucks donkey ass. You know those people - those...
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    Most Surprising Animatied Movie

    Not movies, but some Soviet-era animation. When US animation started to become really low-budget aimed for kids during the 70s and 80s, they made it into a f**king art form.
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    How do you feel about circumcision?

    You all do know that "completely removing the foreskin" is not the only circumcision method, right? There are circumcision methods where they actually keep the foreskin (and simply exposes that "head" more), which seems to be the non-Jewish method. Most of these studies seem to apply to the...
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    How do you feel about circumcision?

    With the "infant's rights" clause being brought up, I'm surprised abortion haven't been brought up yet. Oh wait I just did lol.
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    How do you feel about circumcision?

    Any circumcised folk here regret getting a circumcision? Personally, I feel this is being made too much of a big deal of, since you generally live a normal life whether you go through with it or not. I got circumcised in my early teens (so I know how it feels before and after), and I don't...
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    Extra Punctuation: Alternative Games

    killer7 is still one of my favorite games of all time, but I'd rather watch it again than play it, unlike most of my other favorites. As a game, it's not much, but it's what if offers outside of gameplay is what makes the whole thing a very unique and unusual trip. The game's storyline is very...
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    Extra Punctuation: A Hard Weapon Is Good to Find

    It's not just in guns - the overall "feel", as in the illusion of substance and weight behind your character and their actions without relying on your controller hardware giving that illusion via vibration, is itself something game designers really has to pay attention to.
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    Poll: Are you "fashionable"?

    Yes. I want to look good most of the time, while not adhering to silly sub-culture trends :P Making myself look real good while still pretty comfortable in my attire. Looking awesome is never a bad thing lol. I get all sorts of people approach me, think I'm really important and call me "sir"...
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    The Most Immoral Thing You've Done in a Video Game

    Playing "Chiller", a really f*ed up old arcade game:
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    Metal music in your 20s

    I usually only listen to intrumental version of most metal songs, if I were to listen to any metal. I was a major fan of the 90s Japanese glam rock scene, especially years ago when I was younger. Now, I'm mostly more interested in house, trance, 80s new wave, and soft rock, probably because AI...
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    Last boss in GOD HAND SPOILER Never felt so satisfied kicking the ass of a demon 100x bigger than your player in such an awesome way using only your bare hands. Heck the whole game is one big epic beatdown:
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    Best PS2 RPGs

    Tales of the Abyss. And yes, I tried out nearly every RPG mentioned here when I decided on TotA