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    164: World of StarCraft

    Since Starcraft 2 is being built with esports in mind and is going to stay true to the original starcraft experience I would be very surprised if the the majority of the starcraft esports community didn't move on the Starcraft 2.
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    Zero Punctuation: Mass Effect

    I'm surprised that he complained about the amount of dialogue in the game, it's presented in such a great way. Most RPGs I've played have even more dialogue. I agree with the comments on the Mako and the comments at JRPG's.
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    Yahtzee Visits Valve, a Travelogue

    I enjoyed the read, some of you need to relax lol.
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    Do you think we will be playing a Morrowind or Fallout this gen?

    THANK YOU! That and some other things ruined it for me but I felt like I was alone=/. These types of games I imagine are really hard to make and there are only so many high quality game developing companies. For now at least we have Mass Effect.
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    Online Gaming is too Hardcore

    I didn't play halo1 or 2 online so when I bought halo 3 I was worried I was going to get my ass kicked. I do play a lot but when I bought Halo 3 I hadn't played a console game in a long time. When I first played I found out there were a lot of players that were noobs too. General tip: play a...
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    How do you feel about Japanese games?

    Yea that's what i was trying to say.
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    How do you feel about Japanese games?

    Small girls with very little clothing sounding like they're in pain scare me. I'm not saying Japan is filled with perverts or anything but all it takes is one little girl etc etc to scare me. However the rest is just weird because it's different so there is a huge bias in my view that way...
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    Is Wii the Next Atari?

    PC gaming is so expensive. I don't know any numbers on how many people can afford the latest PC's for gaming but even the PS3 at launch is very cheap compared to keeping up with the insane price of these graphics cards. I wouldn't be surprised if the latest graphics card is over $600.
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    Is Wii the Next Atari?

    Great post what a great read. I can't see the Wii dying because of the massive increase in # of people playing games and most of those people(I'm guessing) are casual gamers. I can't see both Sony and MS getting out of the gaming industry because when I look at the Wii I imagine a ball of fluff...
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    Zero Punctuation: Zelda Phantom Hourglass

    Exactly. I love Halo 3 but I didn't hear any complaints about the AI in the two reviews I read. Sure that's only 2 but but it's something that should be said in every review. I've been in a warthog with me the driver and 2 other AI in the passenger/gunner and I was for a few seconds just not...
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    I do not like Western games at all (please read)

    Before this thread ends could someone mention some innovative fun games that are from Japan? edit: I found Gears of War to be innovative. Before then I never played a game with that sort of hide behind stuff and then duck out to shoot. Granted I don't buy games often(I'm a lazy bastard that...
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    I do not like Western games at all (please read)

    Yea I think this is just a difference of tastes really. I like RPGs but there are negatives to them just like shooters. If you're not into shooters and sports games(I'm not into sports games) there are alternatives but of course not as many in Japan. I don't keep up to date with gaming in Japan...
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    What should win game of the year 2007

    I love Halo 3 but I'd have to disagree with the difficulty settings in Halo 3 being good. I like the skulls but heroic/legendary just feels like they increased some numbers without thinking what should be increased by a certain amount instead of just multiplying their health/dmg/etc. Gears of...