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    So the tumblr and 4chan war..did 4chan go too far?

    I haven't seen anything to indicate any sort of war, other than it being mentioned in a few places. I don't think I've seen anything blown out of proportion this much since the ME3 debacle. (Yes, I went there.) I'm sort of in the camp of assholes wishing for more confrontation between the...
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    Awesome In Media, Terrifying In Real Life

    Suddenly I realize the advantage of not having close friends and a caring family! =D OT: Dark Souls / Demon's Souls. As cool as the whole coming back after dying thing would be, I can't even imagine how horrifying dying to *insert any Souls boss* would be. Maybe you'd get used to it over...
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    Kids react to Gameboy, people get butthurt

    I was with all of you until that one kid called Tetris boring. HOW DARE HE?! HEATHEN!
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    If you could have any fictional vehicle, what would it be?

    Nakiami's vehicle from Bounen no Xamdou. It always reminded me of some sort of flying motorcycle, which would probably be one of the coolest things ever. If not that, I'd probably go for one of the Interceptors from EVE Online. Because why not explore the universe at a warp speed of...
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    "'Bad' video game behavior increases players' moral sensitivity" With all the accusations being thrown at gaming left and right whenever somebody mentally ill decides to go on a killing spree, I thought we could use some more news like this.
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    Poll: Escapist: Can you drive a Manual?

    Of course. From my perspective, it goes without saying. Everyone here learns how to drive a manual, unless they have some sort of debilitation that prevents them from doing that (and I've never actually met anyone like that). We have both manual and automatic cars in my family, and while I...
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    Who's your favirote Musican/Band and what's your favorite song by them?

    I love you. OT: Pretty easy choice for me. While there are obviously hundreds of songs I love, this one stands out above all else.
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    Shut Out The World With This Japanese Isolation Booth

    Decent concept. Make it soundproof, provide some HVAC, and I'm there.
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    Movies/TV series that made you cry?

    The end of Terminator 2....WHAT?! MY TEARS ARE MANLY AS FUCK, OKAY?!
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    Poll: Female Link in the next Zelda game - Your thoughts?

    Where is the "I don't give a shit, just let me play a new Zelda game" option?
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    Your anime 3x3

    Holy shit, Usagi Drop! Sooooo good! ;_; Though let's pretend it all ended with the anime, and what happened after the timeskip in the manga never occured, okay?
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    Harley-Davidson Announces Electric Motorcycle

    Take away the only appeal of a Harley? Sure, why not? I wouldn't ride one anyway, even if they paid me to.
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    Phil Fish believes game-streamers owe revenue to the developer.

    Phil Fish being a fucking moron? Must be tuesday.
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    Games you want to play, but can't justify purchasing.

    I kinda want to try out Wildstar, but with my limited budget, I can't afford to buy it just to "try it out", and then most likely not want to play it for more than a week.
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    Best final fantasy after 8?

    As much as I love Final Fantasy X, IX just blows it out of the water if you ask me. Both are fantastic games though, you can't really go wrong with either.