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    New Hawken Trailer Will Blow You Away

    Thank you God/Adhesive, It will be fantastic to fight giant robots that don't take a ridiculous amount of hits, fly much too fucking fast for me to target, and require almost mathematical knowledge of every part in order to create my own mech to match my opponents, and have better controls...
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    Fox News Takes Aim at "Offensive" Duke Nukem Forever

    Well there's a surprise *no one* saw coming.
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    Guitar Hero III Beats Black Ops in Lifetime Revenue

    I still think it's ridiculous that people think Black Ops is better than Modern Warfare. But hey, Guitar Hero making more money isn't too surprising.
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    Dragon Age 2 Lead Writer Blasts Homophobic Fan

    I'm rather touched at how polite the argument was on both sides, but it still would've been way funnier to see all the flaming and troll comments in the original thread. Also: I lol'd
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    Extra Punctuation: BAFTAs Are Bollocks

    I'm just shocked/appalled that people still think BlackOps is 'the shit' enough to vote for it in an otherwise decent awards ceremony.
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    Google Calls Out China for Screwing Up Gmail

    *sigh* and just as i changed my email to gmail. It really has been a slippery slope for google's business in china right?
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    THQ Hammered by Sub-Par Homefront Scores

    I feel tempted to get the game just to help out those guys.
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    PEGI Says We Dare Isn't So Hot

    You WOULD have to be 12 to find that game adult in any possible manner.
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    Robocop Wants Detroit to Build Robocop Statue

    I would say the whole idea and accompanying video are incredibly awesome, but i don't think that description begins to encompass it.
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    We Dare Gets 12+ Rating, Parents Go Nuts

    A 12+ rating is quite stupid on their part, but then again it pales in comparison to how ludicrous the actual game looks like.
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    Activision Calls Modern Warfare 3 Countdown a Hoax

    Bollocks, they're still sure as hell planning on it, they just don't want to risk it being leaked beforehand so they're just denying it. If not MW3, then definitely some delicious (in the loosest sense of the word) new IP.
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    Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church on Live Talk Show

    I lol'd my face off when i heard that. Also, it never ceases to amaze me how much she beats around the bush before getting to the fucking point.
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    Poll: Crysis Nanosuit vs. Iron Man Suit

    Iron Man, probably. You can debate on how Crysis is SO MUCH more realistic and feasible and what have you, but they're both as implausible as each other. So in that respect, Iron Man would probably win.
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    Metro 2034 Will "Compete With Call of Duty"

    It is what the last 2 people who quoted me said.
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    Report: Crysis 2 Leaked

    There's absolutely no justification to pirate this in the slightest. I think the main excuse is 'well i'll try it, and if i like what i see i might go and buy the game'. That's like eating a cake because some dick stole it from the kitchen, and if you liked it enough you MIGHT go 'eh, sure...