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    Your Avatar Has Come Alive.....

    Lazar. Everything. The world is MINE bitches.
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    You have just KILLED your avatar!

    Who is that O_o don't recognize her. MTA: Thanks for all the replies guys, first tread FTW /happy dance
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    You have just KILLED your avatar!

    So you have just killed your avatar, what are the repercussions? Mine would be the end of all things awesome.
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    Am I the Only One Who DOESN'T Care About Japan?

    You have a point, but it never really hurts to care. CAPTCHA: ropeune modern
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    Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

    *Facepalm* It's not the people who make the game, it's the socially deprived 'special' people in the community that make the mod without super vision or permission from ValvE or any other company. Dear god this guy is a stuck up prick!
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    Half your age + X rule for dating... Does it really hold, and how well? Opinions?

    How about this; same age under 18 is fine. There, argument concluded.
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    People don't give Avatar enough credit (James Cameron one)

    Unobtainum is the fuel for their hyper drive shenanigans. Paying attention fail.
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    How angry do you get when you play online FPS?

    That game infuriated me beyond belief. I'd just say "Fuck it." And go play HL2 again. Its not that I suck at the game, its just the game sucks at me. (surrealism joke anyone?)
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    Ever break your character's "morality code?"

    Fallout: new Vegas. I was clearing the lower corridors of a science research building of some sort when i was tasked with getting a friendly goul out of his hidey-room. after trying to talk him out if it for a while I decided to clear the problem all together by turning him into a pile of...
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    Your personal worst way to Die!! (Crazy ones are wanted)

    Death by a jellyfish sting. Like not just one sting... Getting stung, cured, stung, cured. Starting at the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.
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    Spawn Camping Marathon Gets Black Ops Players Banned

    How about this : parachute spawn drop where you choose where to fall? It's a shit game anyway, don't know why anyone would even want to play it.
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    What To Watch?

    Code geass is my vote, may seem corny at first..but then EPIC!!
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    Girlfriend Trapt in Abusive Household

    Whack the father in the face, and give the mother a few meds.
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    This answer is pretty much the same thing i bring up when asked about religion. "I don't give two halves of a shit what you do, just don't rub the shit into my eyes." Capatcha: Are nsmimin O_o
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    Media Blames Videogames For Wannabe Bomber's Actions

    THE FACE PALM IS PUSHING AS HARD AS WE CAN GO, WE NEED MORE DILYTHIUM CRYSTALS CAPTAIN!!! OT: This is an example of the current media, always looking for something else to blame.