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    Words you hate

    "Actually", especially of there's an implied "um" in front of it and shoving nerd glasses up your nose. "Um, actually, that mechanic was introduced in Gun Shooter Fighting Man 2007, not 2008, you peasant." "Um, actually, in the original book Gnoarhkg explained why he didn't go to Fnarg and it...
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    What do you think of a ban on larger size drinks?

    Personally, I think it's an incredibly stupid idea. Since when is the government my mother? I'm an adult, I have a right to make my own choices about my own health. If I have so little self-control that I drink huge drinks all the time, rot out all my teeth, and become morbidly obese, so what...
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    The Portrayal of Male Characters in Video Games.

    How to fix male videogame characters: MAKE THEM HOTTER, because "buff wish fulfillment fantasy" doesn't always translate to "attractive". I kid, I kid, that would be dumb. How you do it is the same way you fix female videogame characters, though: you give them interesting and realistic...
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    Genres you hate and what you would do to make them enjoyable

    lol, what would that be like? Do you have to drive around a city to get to a destination without any of the other racers seeing you, and if you manage to catch sight of one before they see you, you can get them kicked out or something? Or like Assassin's Creed, only you're a car.
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    If A Random Girl Walks Up and Punches You Would You Hit Her Back?

    Probably not, even though I'm female and therefore apparently exempt from the rule that guys can't hit girls (which I think is silly--if you need to defend yourself, you need to defend yourself. There's no need to beat a girl half to death... but then again, there's no need to beat a guy half to...
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    Is being a gentlemen sexist?

    You can't really say "holding a door open for a woman is/isn't sexist". Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that. I'd say there's different levels here that depends on WHY the door's being held open. If you're doing nice things because the girl in question is hot, then you probably are...
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    Videogame characters you share your name with.

    Not a single character in any game I care about has my first name, middle name, or last name. So lame. Oh well, at least I share a first name with Tex from Red vs. Blue, which is sort of... videogame inspired? (lol, my captcha's "body surfing". I guess The Escapist wants me to mention Tex...
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    Genres you hate and what you would do to make them enjoyable

    Ugh, sports games. There is pretty near nothing that could be done to make me like them because I loathe the vast majority of sports. It's like if someone hated sci-fi--no matter what they do, they would never enjoy a sci-fi RPG because they hate the underlying premise. I guess if a sports...
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    Origin Cheapens IP With Deep-Cutting Sales

    Uh. What? That... that makes no sense at all. Why does putting something on sale on occasion "cheapen" it? I mean, yes, it literally cheapens it in the sense that it is cheaper, but why would it metaphorically cheapen it? I mean, Valve puts the entire Half-Life series on sale on Steam for like...
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    What is the worst game you own?

    I'm cheap, so I'm usually really picky about the games I buy. That being said, I own the PC version of Two Worlds that I bought as a joke so I could mock it for a friend. It was just as awful as expected. The story is nonsensical as early as the very first few cutscenes, the characters are...
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    BioWare Reveals Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Stats

    I approve of lots of people playing vanguard. May not be the best class for Gold, but it is insanely fun on Bronze/Silver, and a high-level vanguard can deal out some serious damage while taking very little damage herself. Human vanguard is superior to non-human, IMO, the others are just too...
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    Escapist! What mouse pad are you using?

    Who needs a mousepad? Use a laser mouse, then you can just use your desk. Although I do have a pretty sweet one my sister brought me from Taipei 101 in Taiwan.
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    Poll: Let's Talk about Brownies

    A fresh, warm, moist chocolate brownie, no frosting, no nuts (nuts in a brownie are a perversion and a sin, in my book) is amazing. Forget fancy schmancy made-from-scratch brownies, the best food ever created is one of those box mix brownies with a glass of milk. Mmmm...
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    So how bad are Mass Effect 1's driving segments?

    Have you played ME2? Because let me just tell you, after the planet scanning, you will be begging for more Mako. The Mako is... well, it's kind of like Old Doctor Who's special effects. As Colin Baker pointed out, you didn't love the terrible special effects, you tolerated and forgave them...
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    PC Gamers: will you buy Mass Effect 3 if it's not on Steam?

    Yes, but I'm going to complain bitterly about it. I bought a physical copy of ME2 and always regretted it--games without Steam integrated often don't play well with the Steam overlay, and I can't live without that thing. If I have to use Origins, I'll complain even more... I really don't need...