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    The Big Picture: Who Was That At The End of Guardians of the Galaxy?

    I think my feelings were expressed quite well by the guy at the theater who commented at the end "I waited through all those ****ing credits just to see Howard the Duck?!" Plus the suit or CG or whatever it was was disturbingly butt-ugly, though maybe that was intentional. Yeah, it was a...
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    Worst game PURCHASE you ever made.

    Buying the 360 version of Dark Star One =___= That game should NOT have been made for ANY console. Hell, I could argue that it should not have been made at all... A game that next-to-no-one has likely heard of, made by a publisher that's AT BEST second-rate (they did bring out Tropico 3...
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    Best Videogame Quote (NO Bioshock)

    To my knowledge and experience, Bioshock was almost entirely a remade System Shock 2, but with a living human in place of the computer, different enemies, and dubbed-down gaming mechanics. To boot, SHODAN's voice was waaaay creepier... EDIT: here's link since video refuses to work...
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    -Blank- Fanatasy

    Oh my god... I would kill to see that become real @[email protected] OT: While Modern settings are all well and good, I've found much enjoyment with the backstories for the Shadow Hearts games, with all three being set early in the Twentieth century (with the first two taking place just before or...
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    PSN Phasing Back Into Existence With Enhanced Security

    I'm still iffy about whether to return or not, but I probably will. Just going to avoid buying anything with my card from now on and just get pre-paid for anything that's worth the trip to the store :s As for the damage done, I'd say that Sony should have done this "enhanced security" BEFORE...
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    Oddworld Franchise to Stink Up Real-Time Strategy

    War via flatulence.... wow XDDDD Just hearing that sounds epic enough. I do hope this turns out well, because I've been somewhat despaired ever since Oddworld Inhabitants closed its doors :{ Maybe we'll be getting that spiritual sequel to Stranger's Wrath after all :D
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    Hackers Offer PSN Credit Cards For Sale

    Since I use my debit card for pretty much everything, I'm not really as worried as I would be if it was my credit card. Besides, I opened the account JUST for situations such as this one, so yeah >.> *is getting new card right this moment*
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    Alien Jihad's Devs Want To Generate Controversy

    I... it's just... what the... I don't know whether to laugh at this, or cry at the fact that they're trying so hard to make this sound like a bad fanfic. Seriously, this is the kind of stuff in movies that Mystery Science Theater would poke fun at with abandon, and they're making a game out...
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    Should "Cracker" be a racial slur?

    'Cracker' just makes me laugh... Especially when Chris Rock says it. "Really? You're comparing me to a snack wafer now? I'm not sure whether or not to feel insulted or laugh at how stupid it sounds."
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    Trailers: Street Fighter X Tekken

    This is just about every fighting nerd's wet dream right here. All we need now is a crossover with Rival Schools, Soul Caliber, and Mortal Kombat, and oh god my brain just started hurting X-x
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    Final Fantasy Question

    Avoid any of those newer than #9... They're just shitstorms waiting to happen, and they seem to be more about glamor and pazazz than actually coherent stories and gameplay that doesn't suck a big fat one >.< I recently tried playing 13... couldn't make it beyond the first five hours without...
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    Great Obscure Games

    No offense, but there's probably a reason for that... XD Anyhow... Considering I've at least heard of 75% of these (if not having played them), very surprised that the Shadow Hearts series (PS2) hasn't landed in her O.o WHERE ARE THE YURI FANS?! (EDIT: talking about the character, not...
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    Signs that you have been playing a game way too long.

    You know you've been playing ANY game too long when you start making up fanfics for it... in your sleep.
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    Overrated games are still exelent

    First off, it's "excellent". Second, at least half of the games you mentioned (namely Halo and GoW) are overrated because they are mediocre, but have such huge hype that we are lead to believe that "everyone plays them", and thus they earn the "overrated" moniker. They aren't terrible (well...
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    BioWare Warns of Nefarious Old Republic Beta Scams

    Isn't this kinda "duh"? Basic rule of thumb for Life, 101: "If it sounds too good to be true... it probably is." I've gotten those... and I've never even owned WoW, let alone played it >:@