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    8 Zero Punctuation Videos You Should Have Already Watched By Now

    Wow, you really are desperate for content...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2017

    Okay, I'll complain that you didn't mention Devolver Digital, mainly because I thought it'd be right up your alley.
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    Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation is Joining The Escapist Full Time!

    Welp, he's the one content creator you know you can't sack, so might as well wring more content out of him.
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    Predicting What's New on the Nostalgia Horizon - The PS1 Era

    There'd definitely be a market for it, but I don't picture early-3D-style games taking off in the same way that pixel platformers did in the indie scene... simply because I think one of the biggest factors in that boom was that there was a real significant void to fill, and there isn't quite as...
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    You all miss the Escapist's glory days, what are your ideas for how could they come back?

    I remember back when every week, there was a publication of numerous columns on game design topics (that's how I got the "Read at least 1 article in 52 weekly issues of The Escapist"). In an age when oversaturation of gaming videos is not only killing separate sites but even causing popular...
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Fox Zero

    I'd say I was surprised he didn't preemptively scream about the fanboy backlash to negative reviews, but he knows full well that the fanboys are the vanguard of the lynch mob eagerly stringing this game up from the highest tree they can find.
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    Which active forum member has been on the Escapist the longest?

    I certainly can't claim a 2005 join date, but I like to think I'm in the running.
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    Zero Punctuation: Salt and Sanctuary

    When I saw the title, I'd assumed it was another indie game double bill. The word "and" is ruined for me forever. I'd never heard of this game before. Interesting that you made a Dark Souls connection mainly from tone, aesthetic and difficulty level rather than solely from gameplay.
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    Hatters Gonna Hat Edition of Hatfall Hits Steam

    I just looked, and the Steam version isn't available for Mac? The heck is up with that? I can play the original version on my browser, FFS, why can't my computer play it on Steam?
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    #052: Back to Reality

    Dunh dunh DUNNNNNNH!
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    The Problem With the "Walking Around Simulator"

    Methinks the Escapist might be trying just a little too hard to court approval with the sort of people who think that any game that doesn't involve dudes shooting things is "an SJW game" and "SJW games" are bad. Basically, this. Leaving aside that some people seem to define "game" as "based...
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    Yeesh... Jim, that last round of layoffs, they're going through editors like tissue paper, and now this? The Escapist is coming apart at the seams.
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    About the Amazing Spider-Man, I Told You So

    Now let's see if they can get J.K. Simmons back for JJJ.
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    Swatter Arrested, Could Face Five Years in Prison

    As sticky a situation as it is, I think that motive and mindset count a lot in terms of how people should be punished for crimes. With things like nonviolent drug offenses, or cases where people get into crime because of poverty, punitive justice serves no purpose other than to slake the...
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    8-Bit Philosophy: Is Capitalism Bad For You?

    If you're curious about the topic, you can do further (if less humorously-illustrated) reading here [] and here [].