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    A Zombie Survival Game For Me

    I actually own Minecraft. She does not. I kind of forgot about that game, somehow. I'll have to have her try it and see what she thinks. Good idea!
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    A Zombie Survival Game For Me

    So my girlfriend and I are looking for a zombie survival game. Not a "shoot zombies and find ammo" survival game, but an actual "need to scrounge up food/water and board up rooms" kind of survival game. I'll go through some bullets as to what I want. Keep in mind it doesn't have to be perfect...
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    Poll: Do you like the British Royal Family?

    I get their existence, it's part of British culture and heritage. However I am American, with no British blood running in my veins. So I have no opinion of the royal family, therefore I chose "don't like".
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    So I'm (finally) getting a gaming PC can pretty much do it all for you. I know, some people will want to slap me for suggesting this, but their custom PC builder is quick, easy to understand, and won't let you do something like get a huge video card that your power supply can't handle.
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    Poll: Clumsy Sex and Movies

    Clumsy might not be the word. But it's definitely not a pretty sight.
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    Poll: Do You Still Own Your Original Console/s?

    This poll made me feel old... yes, I still have my Atari 2600.
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    Poll: Do you mind random encounters?

    They are the scourge of JRPG's! I HATE THEM! HATE THEM!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Perhaps I am overreacting a bit. But my opinion does not change, I do really dislike them quite a bit good sir.
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    Ender's Game Author Asks For Tolerance After Boycott Threat

    Meh, whatever. I love Ender's Game. And there is nothing homophobic written on a single page of it, so his personal beliefs don't really affect the project. I'll go see it for sure.
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    Ryan Davis RIP 1979-2013

    What a fucking tragedy. This is awful news. I was really hoping this would be a sick joke. My feels hurt.
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    Poll: What's your opinion on summer?

    Love summer. Living in Maine you come to really appreciate any and all heat waves. Because the winter is coming.
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    Game of Thrones Episode 9...

    Holy fucking depressing, Batman! I haven't read page 1 of the books, so this was entirely shocking to me. I knew something bad would happen, but FUCK, not that!
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    Who want-ah some Wang?

    The original Shadow Warrior (made in 1997) is now available for FREE on Steam. If you've never played Shadow Warrior, it's basically a borderline racist Duke Nukem 3D with a lot more humor. Personally I have some nostalgia attached to the game, so I'm probably more excited about this than the...
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    Poll: Have you lost a good friend to drugs?

    Basically. Just after high school a friend of mine moved away. He got into heroin. While high he hung himself.
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    EA is going to die - and that will improve gaming

    Boy I hope EA doesn't go out of business. They employ a lot of people.
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    Poll: Masturbation and you.

    1. Are you male or female? Male 2. How often do you do the deed? 3 times a week on average. 3. Are you in a relationship? Yes. 4. If yes do you do it more or less? If no do you do it more than you usually would? Less. Was masturbating daily when I was single. 5. Do you believe it...