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    Get a First Look at Far Cry 5 and a Release Date in this New Trailer

    When I first heard that the next Far Cry was going to involve fighting back against a group of religious extremist militants who have taken over a rural countryside and are executing anyone who doesn't submit to their beliefs, I thought we were going to be fighting ISIS. But nope! It's...
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    Poll: Would you buy the hd remake of a game you already own?

    Only if: Playing the original has become impractical As much as I'd love to unearth my PS2 and plug it back into my TV, I just think it's easier having MGS3 ready to go in my PS3. Emulation is always an option, but that has its own technical annoyances. It comes with another game that...
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    Buy All Rock Band DLC Ever For $2,500

    Oh look, the company that filled my living room with oversized fake guitars wants more of my money in exchange for stuff I may have already bought. Fuck off Harmonix. Your Amplitude remake was shit.
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    Next Game You're Getting / Last Game You Brought

    Last game I bought was That Dragon, Cancer. It didn't go well... Next game I'll buy will probably be the Steam release of Danganronpa 2.
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    Games you wish focused on one feature/mode to be better.

    Remember Me. That game DONTNOD made before Life is Strange. It was a pretty good action adventure with a fun Arkham inspired combat system and GORGEOUS art direction. A solid 7/10, but totally worth a play if you can get it for cheap. Anyway, the feature that really piqued my interest...
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    Poll: How much DRM is too much?

    So there's a game called Fuel that came out in 2009 for the PS3, XB360 and PC. It's a racing game whose major selling point is that it's set inside an open world that's the size of Connecticut, always showing up on those images that compare the relative sizes of open world games. Past that...
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    What Kind of Dev Are You?

    Let's get one thing straight: Backing a Kickstarter (or IndieGogo, or GoFundMe, or Fig, or whatever) is the same thing as pre-ordering, but worse. You could pre-order a game that's slated for release in the next three months and still be almost completely sure that it will be out on time...
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    I want to give Visual Novels a second shot. Any suggestions meeting my criteria?

    I'm going to suggest Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It's basically a supernatural murder mystery about a rich family with a (metaphorical) skeleton army in the closet. Witches are involved. Or not. 1) Definitely 2) All the major characters have long narrative arcs. 3) NONE 4) There are...
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    Marvel Announces Ant-Man Sequel, Three Other "Mystery" Films

    Wasp Movie confirmed to involve costume of sort As for the three mystery movies, I find it simpler to just take a trip to the Marvel Wiki and hit the Random Page Button. My guesses are: Ghost Flyer, a WW2 pilot version of Ghost Rider An AU version of Iron Fist And an AU version of...
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    Humble Monthly Bundle: Thoughts?

    So... Instead of exchanging money for a product that's a known quantity, I just throw $12 a month at Humble and they just pull a couple of Steam Keys out of a hat to give me? I could never get behind the idea for Loot Crate. For ~$25 a month, I get a monthly box full of geek junk; mostly...
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    Poll: Do you consider World of Warcraft to be a GOOD game?

    Honestly, no. I haven't touched WoW since terminating my account on January 15th 2007, the day Burning Crusade came out. I had realized that I was bored of it a few weeks before that, and I never looked back. In fact, save for a month of the Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE closed beta (RIP IN...
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    List your favorite games and next person will give their thoughts on it

    QQ Halo 2 KEK Hunter the Reckoning I played a demo of that on PS2. It was kind of fun. Kind of Gauntlet-ish... Worms Armageddon Is it wrong that I can never tell the difference between any of these games (besides the ugly original)? Oblivion Certainly had it's moments...
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    List your favorite games and next person will give their thoughts on it

    Dark Souls 1 Played through the PC version. I honestly Demons Souls better. Chrono Trigger I'll replay this someday. Preferably not the PSX version. Gta san Andreas Definitely the best of the series, at least until GTAV. Alien Hominid ps2 Played the flash original to...
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    Was the Ouya a good console with good games?

    I remember looking at the software list for Ouya and thinking to myself 'Wow... All of these are already on PC'. My scepticism probably began when I was watching a trailer for it and saw an icon for Canabalt in the launch menu. Don't get me wrong. Canabalt is a good, fun little game... But...
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    How are you feeling about the upcoming Pillars of Eternity-Release

    Great, especially since it was supposed to come out LAST APRIL! Seriously, my favourite feature of Kickstarter is how the 'Estimated Delivery' dates are set in stone. Ever since RPS decided to put Molyneux in the hot seat over the shameful performance of Godus, I've been wondering why game...