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    Second Chinese Teen Killed in Internet Rehab

    Oh China, what won't you think of next?
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    YOUR Zombie Apocalypse Survivors: Wikipedia Edition

    Apparently Heinz Josef Algermissen [], Mark Bence-Jones [] and I will be safe because we'll be accompanied by Friggin' Astro Boy. [] The fight...
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    To every WoW player.

    Shortly after Blackwing Lair came out. So much money wasted. :P
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    Poll: what's worse,beating up a girl, or getting beat up by a girl?

    Getting beaten up. If it were a male, same thing. I won't let my pride take a hit like that.
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    Poll: Do you enjoy the start of a new school year?

    Not really. I'm going into Grade 10, and I'm a horrible student. This is the first year I seriously need to work, or fail.
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    236: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    Planescape Torment, what do I win?
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    What Game Have You Beaten The Most

    Starcraft 1, dozens of times. Or Iji, which I've beaten a number of times, too.
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    Poll: How do you think you would do in the world of Fallout 3?

    Psh, Riley's Rangers gun them down in droves. I'd try to get a non-combat job with the BoS.
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    The Escapist Presents: World of Warcraft: Before the Cataclysm

    Ohlook, I've already done all of this. This makes me question how I use my time. Edit: You should've added get the Scepter of the Shifting sands. I've heard they're taking it out in Cata.
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    Win a Cataclysm Beta Key Through WarCry!

    And here I thought you were an honest, Horde-playing person.
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    Take the Castlevania Quiz!

    I'm the new third place! I had to hesitate about that stupid Captain N question. I never watched the show. :X
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    Have you ever bought a game on the advice of Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

    Saints Row 2. A friend was talking about how good it was, but Yahtzee was what convinced me to get it. I don't agree with his opinions particularly often, but I do enough that it's worth listening to him as a reveiwer, for me.
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    One game to rule them all?

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    On RTS Games

    It was part of the sting at the end. "Maybe I'll try one of those X-Com thingies" or something like that.