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    What color underwear are you wearing?

    Pink with red stars on it.
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    The video game that got you into gaming

    Pokémon Red and Blue Spyro the Dragon Abe's Oddysee Crash Banicoot Medievil My first consoles were the GBC and the PS1.
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    Poll: You and your best friend, and their gender

    I'm a girl, and my best friend is a girl. We actually, um, dated for a year a few years back, then became best friends after we split up. She's a gamer like me, we share a lot of interests. Though I also kind-of count my boyfriend as my best friend. :v
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    Poll: Mayonaka TV = Persona 4 related countdown?

    Same, same. I don't get why SMT games take so long to come out over here...
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    Poll: Mayonaka TV = Persona 4 related countdown?

    I just realised that in the game, Persona 4 starts on 2011, April 11th, the date the countdown is set to hit. Maybe it is nothing but a fun-stunt from ATLAS afterall.
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    Poll: Mayonaka TV = Persona 4 related countdown? Recently (as in, within the last few hours), this viral website sprung up. So far, only really 4chan and the Japanese Persona forums have been discussing it. It's most likely a viral for something to do with Persona 4, judging by the name (Mayoaka means Midnight...
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    Poll: Skipping school?!

    Towards the end of Secondary School (the last two years, I believe), I skipped school more than I went, for the fact I was being bullied, and it was become really hard for me to even concentrate in lessons. All my teachers knew I was being bullied bad, but didn't do shit about it, which is why...
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    Poll: Would you change your sexuality?

    I'm bisexual and I'm comfortable with that, always have been. I've been bisexual since a young age; I always got crushes on both girls and boys, and my first kiss was with a girl. I didn't know what homosexuality or anything was back then, so it just seemed "natural" in a way. When I got into...
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    Poll: Anime: Original Japanese or English Dub?

    Depends. Some anime have great English dubs, some anime have terrible Japanese voice-actors. For me, it really depends on the series.
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    Super powers.........

    Shape-shifting. It would be awesome to be able to shift into the form of animals! ...or into looking older so I could get into 18-rated movies. That or time manipulation (being able to pause time, slow it down, ect. at my will), for some reason ever since I was a little kid I've always had the...
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    UK Government to block porn

    I just read about this on another forum, it makes me so glad my Mum knows and doesn't care that I look at hentai and the like, but I feel really sorry for all the people who have parents that believe "porn is wrong!" or something.
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    Can Videogames Make You Cry?

    Oh god, yes. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is the most recent one that made me sob, and also My boyfriend didn't understand why that big made me sad, cause he hadn't read the spoilers I had, he did like a week later though and knew why I was like :C
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    "Frumpy Mom" Responds To Attacks

    Oh, just ignore her. I really can't stand these weird, ignorant mothers who think "ZOMG GAMES ARE KILLIN MAH KIDS :((((". Actually, usually I just laugh at them, most of them do go up and say "oh yeah video games are the work of satan/insert some other demonic figure or bad figure here" with a...
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    Return to Ostagar Bugged on Xbox Live

    If I remember rightly when it came out, at first, it was massively glitchy. Same with Mothership Zeta...
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    Vote For Playboy's Sexiest Bayonetta

    I would click on the page and vote, but the sight of Bayonetta makes me want to bash my head against the wall and scream "What are games coming to!?"