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    Dark Souls 2: Shade Forest and Lion Warriors

    I use a Bandit Knife on my mage and although it doesn't do quite as much damage as a dagger it does enough that unupgraded you only need a couple of spells to finish them off
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    Dark Souls 2: Shade Forest and Lion Warriors

    +3 Dagger backstab kills them on NG and they are stupidly easy to avoid, especially as a mage because Atunement raises agility for those precious iFrames.
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    Catchiest Song You Have Ever Heard

    Every time I even think about this it gets stuck in my head for ages. Comes up quite often given a Civ 5 game I'm in with some friends :/
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    Zero Punctuation: Thief - Stealing a Classic

    Or play The Dark Mod :P
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    How do I get into the first fallout?

    When I went Jinxed with high luck I went Unarmed as otherwise I spent most of my time dropping my weapon or having the bullets fall out or other hilarious things. Jinxed gets better the more powerful your opponents are I found.
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    Western Game Recommendations

    Like others have said: Gun. Such a good game, had way more fun with it than Red Dead Redemption. Also try Red Dead Revolver which IMO was far better than Redemption. I was so dissapointed in Redemption given how good Revolver was. I was expecting way better from R*.
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    Do you invert your X or Y axis?

    Always invert Y. In fact before probably the PS2 era I never knew anyone who didn't play with Y inverted :/ I find it strange and alien and simply can't fathom the reason that that would be referred to as "normal"
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    Why do we debate over the internet so much?

    Oh but those folk are so fun to argue with it practically counts as a sport these days!
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    Favorite Tomb Raider game?

    Last Revelation was the last great one in my opinion. After that the games started losing a lot of the elements that made the series what it was. Some changes were better but most just made the puzzles feel really vapid and dull as they began making it suer obvious what to do and where to go.
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    Escape to the Movies: Oldboy

    I'm pretty sure that Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance is being remade :/ As are some other classic films from my younger days like Gremlins and Poltergeist and even Wargames FFS! er yeah :
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    Spoilers That Can/Can't Be Spoiled (given the circumstances)

    I'm the opposite. I never forget :( I also can't switch off the little bit of my mind that tries to work out what is happening in a plot and so even minor spoilers can be enough to completely ruin a plot for me as once I finally watch/play the media in question I will connect the tiny...
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    Poll: Borderlands 2, balance issues.

    Yeah Krieg is a monster. The only thing he lacks IIRC is a natural way of applying Slag. Bloodsplosion from a Slag source being the closest he gets I think.
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    Recommend me a game to get invested in?

    AI War Fleet Command would be my suggestion. Or if you have tons of free time to spare get into Blood Bowl.
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    Fellow men of the Escapist: How much facial hair do you keep on?

    I have full on rockabilly mutton chops. Had them for years now. Before that I had an especially long goatee.
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    8 Horror Games That Will Have You Wetting Yourself

    Wow......that's a terrible list. It's an advertising thing. 8+ pages of referred ads is better than a single page.