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    Fantasy Flight Games is Making an Official Fallout Board Game

    Fallout 3 and 4 only as inspiration... So only Bethesda version of Fallout See me elsewhere i have no interest in Bethesda vision of Fallout
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    Cersei Lannister and the Shallow Politics of Game of Thrones

    Yeah that show really going down the drain since season 5... it started with Dorne but it'S not getting any better. I'm no longer excited by the show like i used to... give me Winds of Winter and i will be happy Yeah but that was only in the show... In the books the Faith is never shown...
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    Finalists Announced for the World Video Game Hall of Fame

    I'd say Baldur's Gate 2 and Planescape Torment would deserve a place... maybe Vampire the Mascarade Bloodline
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    Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine as Hitler - Three Disturbing Parallels

    Apparently at first the Emperor was more inspired by Richard Nixon, at least according to
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    Star Wars Without Music is a Galaxy of Awkward

    Most of the awards ceremony of the sort i have seen have some music playing too... otherwise, well that's exactelly what happen
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    Google Tracks Where You've Been, Learn How to Disable It

    Good luck with me google, i don't even have a cellphone
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    let's face it, healing never was never will be realist in game. Would not be fun
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    Jimquisition: Rise Of The Exclusivity Wars

    The Exclusive DLC in game is what piss me off the more. How can they explain that i pay the same price for a game, but get less, for the same game?
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    Edge of Tomorrow Bombed at the Box Office... So Warner Bros Renamed It (Again)

    I actually enjoyed that movie a lot, had a blast watching and laugh a lot
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    Catch a Glimpse of Surprise Cameos in Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer

    I doubt much will be imported beside the decisions of the game... for a started there is fact that the game is not even on the samae console gen for the console version
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    Which Guardian Of The Galaxy Are you?

    Works for me [img src="" alt="Rocket Raccoon"][br]Ain't nothing like you, 'cept you. [br]Take this quiz
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    Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition Coming November for Dragon Age RPG

    don't tell me they will finally release box 3? damn how long since box 2 was out?
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    Jimquisition: The Poison of Pre-Order Culture

    Funny, i don't actually think that DLC really need to be in Alien Isolation. It dosent seem to be essential of the story, and it seem to just be a retread of the last act of the original movie. Dosent seem essential to enjoy the game. The annoncement of that DLC did nothing for me to want to...
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    The Big Picture: Leave Michael Bay Alone

    THe only micheal Bay movie i ever liked was The Rock
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    A First-Person Look on How George R. R. Martin Writes Game of Thrones

    Really not what i expected, still kinda funny