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    What do you collect?

    Watches - 60s to early 70s divers, chronograph, classic dress and ex-military.
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    Capcom Reveals a New RPG

    Good to see Capcom still wants to make classic RPGs. Fingers crossed it will be released outside of Japan...
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    Poll: what should lucasarts remake next?

    Sam and Max have lots of new material, go download it from steam other than that, I say nothing other than Star Wars related titles, because I couldn't care less
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    Poll: What was your first First-Person Shooter?

    Wolfenstein 3D
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    Biggest immersion killers.

    Agreed, but consider this thread as constructive criticism
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    Shadow of the Colossus... disappointing

    It was a good game with an original idea - something of a rarity tbh. Even rarer was that it was the second game from the team whose first game was ICO, another good game with an original idea.
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    [Nostalgia Warning] Games and/or series you want brought back/to die.

    Was thinking Road Rash as well - a la Carmageddon on bikes. Loved the PC version, was good to see it in some kind of 3D-ish glory. Someone else has mentioned Monkey Island, good choice
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    Best driving game ever

    Micro Machines
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    What is your favourite map/level of all time?

    Black's Dice Palace from Gunstar Heroes on the Megadrive/Genesis.
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    Biggest immersion killers.

    Recent switch off - an rpg with breakable weapons, and not being able to repair them to prevent loss. You can de-construct them to find out what they are made of, but none of the ingredients for the better items that you obtain early on are available till much later in the game. General rpg...
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    Games You Love but Everyone Else Seems To Hate...

    indeed FFVIII - gets slated, but it's probably one of my favourites of the series
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    Oh god, not an FF9 topic

    I liked 8, sure it was rough around the edges in places, but it was a challenge. Plus it was the first one to have more realistic looking characters (I've said this before on other threads). I also like the fact that the more you grind, the harder it gets. Hate the card game though.
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    Games you wish you HADN'T bought...

    Family Guy on PS2, it was cheap, and it showed
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    Review and Essay: the Gamecube Controller

    A controller is a controller at the end of the day, it is what you make of it. For me, it's relatively comfortable to use, and I like the clicking sound that the trigger buttons make, and the clunky movement of the C-stick. My only major gripes are the colour-scheme, and the overly large A...
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    John Carmack Sheds Some Light On Doom 4

    Looking forward to seeing more as it develops.