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    Steam coupons expiring soon. Post what you have to give away.

    I have: -33% Valve -50% Valve (x2) -50% Trauma -25% Focus Home Ineractive (Gone)-50% Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Season 1 Pm me with your steam profile for them. I'm also looking for VVVVVV if anyone has a voucher they don't need.
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    Poll: Why Don't Games Use D&D Alignment for Moral Choice?

    The D&D allignment system probably shouldn't be used for any games, not even D&D. It is a horrible thing which inspires nothing but arguments. This thread even testifys to that. I do like having a morality system in some of my games. I like having it feel like my actions have further reaching...
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    Who is your favourite video game character?

    I'm so happy to see someone else has read the books and actually knows that Marcus is a proper character and not just a hulking slab of meat. For my choice it comes down to either Bernie Mataki from Gears or Tali from Mass effect. Both kickass characters in my opinion.
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    Aliens RP - Interest thread (CLOSED ALL SHEETS ACCEPTED - Check last page )

    Anything I can do to improve my chances?
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    Aliens RP - Interest thread (CLOSED ALL SHEETS ACCEPTED - Check last page )

    Here you go, if you don't like this one and are still looking for characters let me know, I've a couple more ideas.
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    Your Gears of War 3 Loadout

    COG: I've been mixing it between Sam (For the Claudia Black factor), Clayton (For the mmm bacon factor) and Trashball Cole Train. But truth be told the character I really want is Bernie and I really hope she'll get released as DLC. Locust: Myrrah on non-leader and Savage Drone on leader...
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    What if Saints Row 3, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and MW3 (if you're still into that) turn out to be bad?

    For me I don't really care about Saints Row 3 and Skyrim, If I here there good I'll get them if not, meh. For Modern Warfare 3 I have very low standards, but will probably get it as long as it's not too bad. For Mass Effect 3 I will be extremely peeved if they screw up, it's one of my favourite...
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    Your best gaming moment

    The best moment I can think of right now was in the Gears of War 3 beta. I had three enemies bearing down on me, I spun around and shot once with the sawn-off, all three turned into little piles of meat. I think they all learned not to cluster so much after that.
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    What are you guys listening to right now? This and shortly afterwards the literal version.
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    Welcome to Fallout town: What do you do now?

    In that case how would you like a live in job, you'd just have to be exposed to vast quantitys of radiation first. And of course you'd have to have a new name to go with that new look, how about a good strong name like Gob, everyone likes Gob.
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    Welcome to Fallout town: What do you do now?

    Well I'm Irish so I'm instantly qualified to run the local saloon, where I shall gather information on everyone and sell it for caps. Especially if your some kind of lone wanderer. For more information follow this link: Edit: There will also be a...
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    It still works!!

    I once dropped my old xbox 360, where it hit off my bed frame and gouged a chunk of wood out of it. I was sure that would've done something, but it worked fine afterwards.
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    Most intense scene in a game *spoilers*

    The most recent one I can think of is in Bastion, it has a few good ones, but I like this one in particular:
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    Assassin's Creed III Location

    Right there with you, I'd also love to see a female assassin main character.
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    Who is your favorite TF2 character and why?

    Sniper all the way, there's nothing more gratifying then headshotting a heavy and watching his medic pal run away.