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    Life in Detroit?

    So I'm in the process of building a game for a modern time role playing game, and I figured it'd be kind nice to set in Detroit, mainly because of the image it has has a lawless wasteland since its bankruptcy. So the question is... is it really? I mean how 'bad' is it over there? You hear...
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    No Right Answer: Is Gaming A Sport?

    It's the quest for legitimacy. Competitive gaming is getting really big, with some real prices pool for winners and some extremely wide recognition and appeal... but it is still being looked down upon by a signification section of the population and it just so happens that a lot of the...
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    3D-Printed Prosthetics Help Dog Run For the First Time

    If you've ever owned a 'normal' dog and a 'rescue' dog, you'd know the difference. They know.
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    What You Need to Know About Warmachine and Hordes

    Yeah, except for the part where that's not true.
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    Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Core Set Review

    White is actually one of the hardest color to get right, especially if you're painting huge patch of it (Along with Red and Yellow). A mostly white army is a pretty daunting choice for a new painter... You could just prime them white and leave that as the outer coat, but that looks fairly bad.
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    AMC The Walking Dead Spinoff Gets Pilot, Probably Zombies

    It's missing the point to ask those questions. Walking Dead isn't really about zombies, it's about survivors and how people would react if you took away civilization. It's a study of the human condition. Focusing on the 'why?' of the zombie apocalypse is not really where the story is at...
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    Expendables' Ronda Rousey Talks Pokemon, Goku vs. Superman

    Main problem of the debate is that most people knowledge of DBZ comes from the TV show... and ditto for Superman. And while for the most part the DBZ anime repeats the same feat as the manga, superman has well over 70 years of comic book history of him doing incredible feats that are not...
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    Escape to the Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Kids Deserved Better Than This - 19% - 92% While I'm not saying Bob isn't biased, it's possible that GotG is a good movie while TMNT is a pile of steaming shit.
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    George R.R. Martin Dislikes Fans Questioning His Health

    I think it's mainly because it has happened before. Robert Jordan ( died at a younger age than Martin is right now. He was writting the Wheel of Time, another epicly big fantasy saga. It had to be finished by Sanderson, who I understand did a good...
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    Office party frustration

    I did what you did sir... the right thing.... and i still regret it three years later, hell; i dream about it EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME I DREAM. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IS THAT?? PASSING TROUGH THE SAME SITUATION OVER AND OVER IN DREAMS, getting close to her, her scent... her smile draws dimples in...
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    Office party frustration

    I'm posting this mainly to vent. You can judge me all you want :P. It just been a rather cathartic process for me to write down stuff that frustrates me and due to the somewhat delicate nature of this, I can't just type it anywhere. So last night was my office party. They're always pretty...
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    Star Wars Related Lost Film Black Angel To Screen After 33 Years

    Except for that bit where Christian has doubt on weither or not it will 'hold up to the mythology' - what mythology? Ok, that doesn't mean it's related to Star Wars... but it's related to something at least.
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    Blackguards Needs Beta Testers!

    Heh, I actually played Dark Eye the RPG over 20 years ago now (the french version, L'Oeil Noir) ... first rpg I actually played, before even D&D. I remember it being very poorly balanced -_-.
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    Bethesda Unveils $200 DOOM Miniature Collection

    Anybody know the scale on these?