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    Build Your Own Regal Theater in Dream City: Metropolis

    This article is an absolute masterclass in how to make writing look like an advert. The entire bulk of the text boils down to "look here's a thing". If you want us to click links, or play games that sponsor the site could we at least get some actual information. (And don't get me wrong, I put...
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    Fallout 4 Mods Are Headed to PS4, But There Are Some Issues

    Yes that is currently a discussion happening elsewhere in the forums but so far has not stopped mods on consoles in any way, just put people off uploading them or going out of their way to make them incompatible with consoles. A bit off the topic of the piece :) Hands up here though, I...
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    Frequent Overwatch Match-Quitters to Pay a Hefty Price

    I've been playing Overwatch for a good while now and to be honest I don't find people quitting out of games mid match is that big of a problem (though truly annoying when it causes you to hop into a game towards the end). Kudos for them at least putting a system in place for stopping people who...
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    I bought a PS4 recently.

    Well one thing I suggest everyone as it was a very underrated game at the time because of the niche market is Valkyria Chronicles. They have re released it on the ps4 (a ps3 title) and if you are a fan of turn based RPGs this is a nice fresh take on it.
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    Screencheat PS4 Review - Cheating Encouraged!

    Like the article and everything but it was a very brave opening you went for. Starting it off saying f you. I also find it odd that I tend to keep on top of what is coming out on the ps4 and this one breezed right by me, had never even heard the name before.
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    ... What sprite?
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    Doom's Single-Player Campaign Lasts 13 Hours

    Unreal38 @Unreal389 @DOOM How long will be the campaign? DOOM ✔ @DOOM [email protected] The difficulty level plays a factor, but folks playing at the office average 13+ hours in the campaign 8:42 PM - 11 Feb 2016 Maybe your browser isn't showing the tweet that shows it is a reply to a...
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    Star Wars Battlefront Beta Begins October 8th

    Split screen couch co-op. I don't care how messed up the AI of the bots is, I have a reason to get this game now! Maybe even before the price drop if the beta isn't severely borked. Memories... memories tinted by rose coloured glasses. It's just not going to be the same is it.
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    Mad Science Meals

    Now in my head I want to see you create a double helix out of chips and meatballs. Practical? No Awesome? Yes. Any ideas I can think of now are pretty much all a case of Heston did it first, so I would at least suggest watching his fantastical feast shows...
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    Scientists Create "Wormhole" For Magnetic Fields

    Other than. I like the article but comparing it to a wormhole is a bit of a stretch. Being able to mask and effectively block magnetic fields is quite cool though and should have many mechanical applications but at the end of the day, magnets are awesome anyway. I wonder how small this...
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    Celebrate old Escapists! The war against the newbies has been won!

    Well this is just... I was in a... But I didn't... Just awwwwwww. Join a site I like and apparently I'm still a loser. Well time to start up a resistance.
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    Rejected Critical Miss Punchlines

    Wow, you went to all that trouble to say this isn't worth the trouble? We shall have a moments silence for your loss, a second for every post you made. Two and three were a bit of a miss but I did chuckle a bit at number 1. Hell you could have even made it a full panel thing, ocelot with the...
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    Poll: Snap Response - Phoning it in

    I have a 12 year old phone. It can only text and call people but it has a 1 week battery life and has been through the washing machine twice and laughed at me afterwards for not giving it a hard enough challenge.
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    8 of the Coolest Gadgets from Videogames

    I'm disappointed, these are mostly fancy or showy items, not stuff I would consider cool. Things can be lower tech but still cool. I would personally take Rico's grappling hook over most of the gadgets displayed here. Why? Just cause...
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    New BF4 Patch Adds New Weapons, Modes, Balances

    I haven't played Battlefield 4 for a little while, jumped back into it not long ago. I'm getting curb stomped by wall to wall head shots as it is from across the map with damned PDWs. So some of the changes seem positive for me and all in all free crap, even if it is a desperate player grab...