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    New Ubisoft Space Game Revealed Inside Watch Dogs 2

    if it's real, then it will most likely be far cry in space if not, then it's a glorious pisstake on no man's sky
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    EA Puts Mirror's Edge, The Saboteur, and Spore on GOG with No DRM

    and some assassin's creed thrown in just for good measure tbh ever since I played the saboteur and was exposed to the glorious yet simple mechanic of being able to right cars to explode as I'm driving them so I can bail out changed my entire world you have no idea how many hours I wasted...
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    Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Movie Has Its Villain

    god, fucking finally they make one without the damn joker as for the suit itself, I think it looks pretty alright, not really good but still pretty good this made more sense in my head
  4. teh_Canape to Shut Down Next Week

    good riddance and to think they were given the option to take down the video, and they ignored it
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    Blizzard is "Exploring Some Options" to Improve Overwatch's Zenyatta

    I wasn't being serious, I was just pointing out that you have a skill that makes you and everyone around you invulnerable, but for some reason everyone tends to scatter the fuck out when you activate it
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    If I buy Bad Company 2 on Steam, will I be able to play its multiplayer?

    the multiplayer of bad company 2 is still very much alive I had it installed until like 2 weeks ago and I had no issues at all when playing it online, neither lag nor lack of players surprisingly enough, Quake Wars also still has a good playerbase going on
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    Blizzard is "Exploring Some Options" to Improve Overwatch's Zenyatta

    this gets me because zenyatta's heal is pretty good by the fact that it heals the target as it moves, instead of having to be nearby like lucio and mercy but the fact that it's line of sight ruins it they should alter orb of harmony to make it fire and forget so that the target can be healed...
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    Blizzard is "Exploring Some Options" to Improve Overwatch's Zenyatta

    how about a garvity well type of skill that flings all your teammates next to you when you activate invincibility so that you can actually make a push instead of using voice commands to tell them to get close and you don't end up wasting the damn thing because you're in the middle of a pack of...
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    There Will be Voice Acting in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, But Link Stays Silent

    I know, but I still hold out hope it was just for the demo dangit, I really don't want them to take this away from me don't take away ganon saying "I have once again been defeated by donglord, the hero of ttme"
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    There Will be Voice Acting in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, But Link Stays Silent

    but did they say if the voiced cahracters will refer to link as "Link" or will it go the way of P3 and 4, that doesn't voice names? in which the text line will say "my buddy canape here" but the voiced line says "my buddy here"
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    SJW Jim Sterling says Link has to be female and that violent video games promote rape culture.

    gotta appreciate when someone actually puts bait and not just empty hooks
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    Soooo.... James "AVGN" Rolfe is in the news this week..

    worse than that they're for some reason bringing his wife into it and calling her a gold digger
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    Blizzard Taking a Zero-Tolerance Stance on Overwatch Cheaters

    I personally want them to ease off on the quitter penalties, or put in a sort of system to measure the latency at the time of quitting I got hit with a -75% XP penalty for quitting even though I did it because I was getting unbearable lag spikes admittedly I solved it by getting the PC...
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    First image of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

    It kinda looks like a younger Rita as in, origin story type, that this character grows older and becomes the original one
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    Leaked God of War 4 Info Shows Off Norse Setting

    God of War in Mayan mythology would be pretty hype or some african mythology (I know the one but the name is not coming to mind now, but I think it's the one from Shadowman)