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    Unskippable: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1

    You must finish what you started....and start what you finish....
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    Big Fallout: New Vegas Patch Coming Soon

    Aside from a few crash to desktops, I haven't encountered anything game breaking or had my saves corrupted, and I've finished the game 5 times thus far, dumping over 60 hours into it. The game was not as buggy as people made out to be, of if it really was, I was just lucky.
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    Superb CoD: Black Ops Ad Celebrates Your Inner Soldier

    I think I need a new pair of pants at how awesome that ad is.
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    Fallout: New Vegas Patch Coming "As Quickly As Possible"

    Well, while the game does have it's bugs, even in it's released state, I only had one major game stopping CTD, other than that it's been smooth sailing. I'm playing it on the PC. And post-patches, I haven't had any issues at all.
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    Fallout New Vegas - Load times getting worse!

    I was just generalizing the specs of the 360 being limited unlike most modern gaming computer rigs, the lack of RAM hurts the consoles which is mostly in the form of long loads, clearing the cache usually fixes most load issues, atleast it did with the 360 version of Fallout 3.
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    Fallout New Vegas - Load times getting worse!

    I'm playing on the PC version and haven't had really any load issues, tops 5-10 seconds on most zone changes, a little longer if its loading a new zone I haven't been to yet. It must be exclusive to the 360 version due to hardware limitations.
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    Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

    Game OVER!
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    Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

    Lots of random battles or Quick Time Events?
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    Unskippable Let's Play - Legaia 2

    So, Graham and Paul do Unskippable, ever though about bringing in other people to either fill spots or do guest slots? Or maybe having your fans read off lines of their own and make a fan submitted Unskippable?
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    Describe your personality ... with a Song

    Something out of left field... Not Safe For Work
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    Question of the Day, August 21, 2010

    Three Bieber Mafia(Three 6 Mafia)
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    Come See Our WoW Timeline: Heroic Edition

    That is a great timeline. Just shows how much stuff has been done over the years to the game.
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    The Escapist Presents: Nerf Wars 2: Gears of Nerf

    For such awesomeness, You guys don't have any internships available do you? I don't mind getting the coffee...or making the coffee......or cleaning....I'll even do it in the french maid outfit!
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    Take This Quiz to Find Out Your Chances of Survival

    I am, a happy camper. Fun and interesting quiz.
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    Bodycount Creative Director: "F*ck Realism"

    Agree, Realism has it's place, but when you get down to it a game needs to be FUN...before anything else....FUN!