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    One Million Moms Fights Gay Superheroes

    FYI, OMM has since deleted their post concerning the issue. Apparently they got worked over pretty hard by the comic book loving community and, you know, normal people that could explain that comic books are not necessarily enjoyed by children. Next up: Crying that Anime is the 'bad' and that...
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    Movies that you are told are bad, that you consider good.

    Event Horizon. LOVE IT. But every time I mention that I enjoy it I get the shocked look one gets when they inform some one of a particularly nasty fetish. Jaw dropping, the whole nine yards. :(
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    Ocean Marketing's Founder Claims He's Sorry

    I agree the person in question's response was laughably immature and out of line, but I still don't see how that has anything to do with the site. I don't even believe I've read a post (granted, I go long stretches without reading in order to read in large bursts) where an employee shat upon a...
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    Ocean Marketing's Founder Claims He's Sorry

    Curious... why should those in customer service stay away from that site? I work in CS and on bad... bad days that site is very cathartic. And a reminder that I'm not the only one dealing with mouth breathers.
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    The god of the atheists.

    Funny in a ... wow that person is really missing the point? Because ... that video made me slam my face on my desk. Oy.
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    Steve Jobs has Passed Away!? (UPDATED)

    Its amazing how the death of someone, a single human being, can cause so many diverse reactions in people. And lets be honest, in all likelihood not a single one of the posters on this thread has even met the man. But let facts be facts. Whether it was Jobs himself who actually got down...
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    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Footage Enrages 'Net

    I think the question must be asked... What the hell were you expecting? It's from Japan, it's non (snicker) canon lined.... I mean, honestly, I was expecting worse!
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    Top 5 favorite bands

    1. Karnivool 2. Dir en Grey 3. Yoko Kanno 4. Mt Eden 5. The Cure I was pleased to see someone else on the thread list Karnivool at all, let alone at a number one slot. I wish more people appreciated them :(. Good stuff.
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    Poll: Kids and video games.

    No, instead governments lie back and forth and bicker amongst each other as they skeevily try to trick each and the other sides that one proposal, which would benefit one political viewpoint, is better than yet another proposal. I think more honesty, on all fronts, would be a benefit to...
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    What is your all time favourite anime?

    Going to add my voice to the call for Trigun. Because a classic, is a classic, is a classic, and stuff :P. Although I was initiated into Anime by the butchered 'robotech'.
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    Parents Group Denounces Supreme Court Decision

    As a parent who is also a gamer, I'd like to say... DO YOUR JOB AS A PARENT AND PARENT. This isn't just about gaming, parents in this country nowadays want shit so regulated that they can basically push the kid out and say 'done' and return to life. What you feed your child, what you put...
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    Your Favorite Movie Soundtrack is...

    The Last Samurai, Ghost in the Shell, and The Matrix are my picks. Such good stuff.
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    Poll: Should I get Rift or WOW?

    I didn't find it a leap at all. Odd how one person can nod their head to something and another can completely not get it. Nothing wrong with either.. I think it's interpretation and preference. Thanks for answering :)
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    Poll: Should I get Rift or WOW?

    If you say so. And you just did, so obviously you do. But I don't agree /shrug. No biggie. Was just curious.
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    Poll: Should I get Rift or WOW?

    I'm going to guess you didn't play Warcraft 3 to be wondering how/why Kael and Illidan are baddies. OP: I've played both, but I've invested too much time in WoW, and honestly I enjoy the lore (yes, rehashed, retconned, rewritten lore) too much to move onto a game that felt like a watered...