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    Stolen Pixels #94: Crysis Demo, Part 3

    Technical problem, we're working on it. Sorry guys :)
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    Has this error been showing up for everyone else?

    Don't worry guys - we have a few more servers coming soon to help add a bit more power so these problems go away.
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    Escapist not working?

    We're working on it kids - see Kross' post above.
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    The Escapist Presents: Escapist in LA: Producer's Diary

    Hey, I used to live about an hour from my high school. I know about those :P I'm definitely more of a fan of the short drives though ... A day long trip to go to the grocery store sucks. And it's an entire production if you want to grab a quick dinner... "quick"
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    The Escapist Presents: Escapist in LA: Producer's Diary

    25 minutes is close?!??! Here you can get anywhere in like 5-10 :P
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    Poll: Piercings and the Escapist

    I love them. I have 10 total. Two holes in each ear lobe. A four-hole spiraling industrial in my right ear (one ring that spirals through four holes in my ear), a nose stud, and belly button. I'm probably going to be getting a 20g tiny labret on the side of my lip soon-ish too.
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    Battlestarbook Facebook-izes Battlestar Galactica

    Longest midseason break ever. This, too, made me happy. I am bittersweet about the rest of the show starting, however. The beginning of the very end. Anxious to see what happens, but sad that it is the end. In the meantime, who wants to pitch in to buy a Viper...
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    Wii Slot For Discs, Not Credit Cards

    Tried not once, nor twice... BUT THREE TIMES. If it doesn't work the first two times... Amazing.
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    The Holiday Council

    Look at the logo at the top of the site. :)
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    The Escapist Show: Episode Seven: Sonic Unleashed

    The scene where the chicken is sitting with the leaves blowing by is amazing. One of the best so far! Great job guys. Watching Russ fall will never, ever get old. :)
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    The Holiday Council

    Devil Horns Carmen decided her hat needed to be updated with some Holly.
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    Behold The Dragon Quest Ballet

    Coming from someone with a lot of ballet experience, I LOVE this. I love seeing ballet's with a modern twist. I recently saw a classical ballet done to live bluegrass music. It was amazing and this just makes me even happier.
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    Crank Dat Soulja Boy: The Game In 2009

    Only the ones who cheaply make games, don't care what the final product is, and pump something out in 3 months for whatever profit margin they can get. Meaning: they are desperate.
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    Crank Dat Soulja Boy: The Game In 2009

    This causes me so much pain I don't even know where to begin. It's a crappy song, he's a crappy "artist", and this is just going to be another crappy game.
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    Maths and Science Jokes!

    8th grade Algebra I teacher. Her name was Ms. Mattern. She used to walk around saying "Math is the only thing that Mattern's". It hurt, it still hurts to this day even to share the story with you.