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    Could you guys fill in a quick thing for my Sociology homework? (No links required)

    No for questions 1-6, N/A for 7, yes for 8 and religious for 9.
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    Favourite Radio Station In The GTA Franchise?

    I've played 3, Vice City, Vice City Stories and San Andreas, and I think my favourite 2 stations are Emotion 98.3 and Wave, 103 but I like Flash FM a lot too. In San Andreas, I like about half the songs on both Radio: X and K-DST so I divide my time between those. V-Rock seems pretty good from...
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    The last song you listened to will now be played at your funeral.

    Mine was You Can Still Be Free by Savage Garden, which would fit pretty well.
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    Mandatory Physical Education

    I personally hated PE when I was at school due to not being very good at it and the fact that I never had any interest in sports. I remember when I was doing my last GCSEs (basic qualification which is gained at the age of 16), we had to have 1 50-minute PE lesson per week which revolved around...
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    Creature Caster Masters: Death Spelunking

    It appeared to be a joke about how Escape Ropes in the Pokemon games somehow teleport you out of dungeons. I only just found this series today and it wasn't too bad. I will admit to being concerned about the Pokemon jokes getting old but I'm planning on watching it as it updates.
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    Poll: Would you change your sexuality?

    I'm not sure what I am sexualitywise, but I don't like the idea of being in a relationship so I'd want to become asexual.
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    Games everybody loves but you can't see why

    I'm like this with the Tomb Raider games. I've played Chronicles and 3 and I found both of them to be dull and slow dispite all the game magazines seeming to like them.
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    Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

    I agree. Unless the series is over, it didn't actually achieve anything (I only really found the arguing over the law to be amusing).
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    Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

    Was the intention for that episode to spoof "Lost Episode" Creepypasta stories? I'm jut wondering because it resembled those due to the random deaths and the fact that it didn't resemble other episodes beyond some characters.
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    The first computer game you ever played?

    Mine was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Megadrive (I got them for Christmas when I was 7).
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    Eating Pizza: How do You do it?

    I cut my pizza up into 4 qarters before eating the central part first, starting with whichever quarter is the biggest (I'm not very precise when cutting them). I then eat the crust last.
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    Your Pokemon Starter: Personality Test =D

    I got Blissey as well. The test creator meant .
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    "Still Alive": Still a good track?

    I really like the song. I've never seen anyone spamming it either and I don't listen to it non-stop so it's not likely to be ruined for me.
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    Poll: cooking your own meals

    I put Sometimes because I hardly ever cook at hime but when I'm at university, I always cook for myself, apart from when my parents visit (we go out to a restaurant when that happens).
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    Poll: Recurring dreams?

    I don't have the same dreams over and over but I said Sometimes on the poll because there's certain things which often pop up in my dreams; I've had several where I've either been a Gnoll (7'6", 300 Lb or so anthro hyenas from D&D), a couple where I've been a talking fennec fox with magical...