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    So how about that Watch Dogs season pass?

    Well some of the missions are required to be completed in order to obtain the weapons and outfits. If you check your map it should show the markers for "Exclusive Missions" which will allow you to completed them. For me they first started to show up about halfway through the first Act so it...
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    BioWare Releases Dragon Age: Inquisition Class Details, Screenshots

    They could be saving it all until E3 this year. Who knows, they might think they got something so amazing that they would want to show it all off at a major press event instead of just a press release.
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    Civilization: Beyond Earth Screenshots Leaked - Update

    From an interview given at PAX So clearly its more than just the three ideologies, there is more behind how the game starts off with your decisions that you end up making.
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    So 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' just started the Elite Four

    Here is just what you happen to be looking for. All the major events are listed and the pokemon captured, released, etc also listed with time stamps.
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    I was thinking it is a reference to Rogue Legacy. When you die you put up your picture and the next heir in line comes up to take over your position :3
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    Civ V: Brave New World Review - Trade Conquers All

    Actually they fixed a lot of the AI and Netcode issues with a patch last week. I know that multiplayer has very little issues at this point. And the AI doesn't seem to be so blindingly dull anymore, especially when attacking/defending cities.
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    Microsoft make another U-Turn. Xbone to include headset

    Looks like just a misprint about actually including a headset, so oops, they didn't change their mind on that.
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    Examples of DLC done Good/BAD

    Good Civilization 5 Expansions: Remakes massive parts of the game by adding brand new mechanics and making improvements all across the board. Bad Civilization 5 DLC: Really? That much for a 1-2 civs? That much for a map pack? I mean it's not necessary but I mean come on!
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    The Last of Us: Plot/Ending Discussion

    Actually you don't have to kill the nurses, I know I didn't when I was in the room. I didn't want to. I was actually hoping to disarm the doctor, but then Joel goes in with that surgical knife to his throat and I panicked and quickly picked up Ellie without even addressing the other two nurses...
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    Dammit DICE

    Only problem with having points on destructible buildings in my opinion means that I doubt that control point will every last that long on any multiplayer map. Just saying :P
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Let You Play as the Dog

    They should change the cover to this now. And the dog better be color blind if they choose to do first person from the dog's PoV!
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    The best/most memorable/favorable/excitable weapon in any game

    The magnet gun in Red Faction:Armageddon. It was pretty much one of the best features (or should I saw one of the few features in a mush of crap) that was great about that game. Shooting an enemy than shooting the wall to watch them fly off, or shoot the ceiling and then your enemy to make it...
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    The Unofficial Friendly Steam Trading Thread

    I have a 25% off coupon for Hotline Miami that I don't plan on using at all. As well as Holiday Sale 2011 Gift: Sega Classics: Golden Axe
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    Xbox Infinity unveiling in less than 10 hours

    Ghosts better have silencers in like all of the missions. And I'm calling it now, the dog will die at some point during the campaign in a dramatic way.
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    Xbox Infinity unveiling in less than 10 hours

    Ha, looks like we can see which one had the better presentation thus far. I'm pulling for PS4 this generation over Xbox One. Oh at the very end we get something! Oh....Call of Duty, nevermind. Captcha: Mumbo Jumbo. Yep sounds like this press release, a bunch of stuff I really don't care about.