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    Best Designs Ever?

    Ummm... here's my tastes. r8 h8 and do whatever. Favorite video game villain Favorite Pokemon Favorite MOBA champion/hero Favorite Boss Favorite Weapon Favorite Armor Design
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    Poll: Does Blizzard write good plots?

    My favorite plot was Wrath of the Lich King. All of it. And the worgen timeline... So yes, I think they can make good plots.
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    The Most Dangerous Monsters Of Fiction

    How is the flood not been mentioned yet? The flood may be your generic parasite villain but...think about it in this regard: The flood infect and use the host's memories to utilize the technology around them. Essentially they are creatures that not only take over bodies, but minds. They...
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    Zero Punctuation: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number & Ori And the Blind Forest

    Quoted the wrong person? I never said it had to all. I also thought it was amazing. As for the revival that's...exactly what I said? I was explaining to Yahtzee in case for some reason he actually felt like reading these comments.
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    Zero Punctuation: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number & Ori And the Blind Forest

    I'm not one to respond normally to "defending" a game but Yahtzee it's worth noting that in Ori and the Blind Forest... I heavily recommend Ori. It's beautifully made and crafted with a love and care that most games don't seem to have often now-a-days.
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    Valve Swings the Banhammer Down on CS:GO Match-Fixers

    Surprisingly Smite has come around and shown there is still time to fix things. I worked at the recent World Championships and so far I didn't notice any underlying corruption or rigged tables. People earned their way there.
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    Alien's Sigourney Weaver Hopes to See More Women in Games

    We need a new Metroid essentially. And then more women as playable protagonists. There, everyone is happy. (I'd actually like that)
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    Smash 3DS! Thoughts? Your Main?

    I picked up a new main each game and use each to this day: Original: Samus Melee: Falco Brawl: Meta Knight Smash 3DS: Greninja Greninja is hella fun to play but DAMN this game is difficult. Still trying to beat Master Core at level 9 difficulty.
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    The ASL Ice bucket challenge is satanic according to one nut job... OR! I'm missing the joke.

    I was called Satanic because I played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on a plane by some old lady. I then told her that her book she was reading contains lesbian sex. (I don't even know what the hell she was reading) She threw it away and was forced to watch me play my "satanic" game for...
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    Competition-Banned Meta Knight Returns in Super Smash Bros

    I just hope I can play him and not get called unskilled.
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    Two New Mystery Holes Appear in Siberia, Scientists Baffled About Their Origin

    Dammit you're right! I'll get the lancers!
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    Has Pokemon jumped the shark?

    Nope. Pokemon added a nice new mechanic that can changes up the formula. Mega Evolutions don't just introduce new pokemon possibilities but also grant new strategies or even focuses for teams to work with. Lets say I wanted to use Mega-Abomasnow for some reason, I now have a vastly...
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    Hyrule Warriors illustrates what I love about Nintendo

    While Hyrule Warriors certainly isn't the answer, it is one of many parts of the equation that Nintendo is in right now. When people say Nintendo "won" E3, it means that they relied on the least amount of bullshit, and showed off the most reasons for purchasing their console. After hearing...
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    Pokemon you hated but warmed up to?

    Actually I don't hate him at all, I never hated him but I did not like Greninja as much as Delphox when I first did my X and Y playthrough. After enough though, I honestly love Greninja more. How can anyone honestly hate that ninja-frog? EDIT: Upon thinking further I have come to the...
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    Do you give your Pokemon themed nicknames?

    Sometimes, guess this theme and their personality Grif the Empoleon Allison the Garchomp Sheila the Heliolisk