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    Need for Speed: Rivals Shifts Gears to Join PS4 Launch Lineup

    Man, I want to own a PS4 just to see what remote play is like on my Vita. Indeed, this is the first time a Playstation has been released without a Ridge Racer. I knew something was missing! How I long for a new RR like RR3D or Type 4.
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    Zelda Producer: We Have to be More Careful With Zelda's Artstyle

    Thing is, even in the land of the rising sun, where cute is, and has always been, the in-thing, people protested about the art style in Wind Waker. This draws me to conclude that it's not about 'western gamer's preference for gritty games', but more due to that Nintendo fans HATE anything...
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    Zelda Producer: We Have to be More Careful With Zelda's Artstyle

    You're basically feeling what I was about a decade ago when the game first came out. I loved the art style the moment I saw it, and couldn't believe people in Japan were apparently up at arms about the direction. Frankly, Nintendo have made me so angry over the last few years, I'm not sure...
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    PocketStation Games Coming Back in Japanese Vita App

    I got a taste of this when i downloaded the PSX shmup 'Shienryu' for the PS Vita. There's a pocket station game included in that download. It's really nothing more than a gimmick. I'm not sure why Sony would waste their time, considering you can do so much more with portables these days(?)
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    Poll: Dark souls and the lack of cut-scenes, a positive or negative point ?

    I've always thought less is more. When I look back at games such as the very first Tomb Raider, it's amazing how they can piece the plot together with so few cut-scenes. The original Silent Hill series manages to say a lot with so little cutscenes also. Furthermore, as an old-skool arcade...
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    First Steam Machine Prototype Pictures Published

    That is a good selling point. But do you have to use steam? If you have to use steam, I'm officially not sold. I think that all started about 5 years ago.
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    An evil magic baby suddenly births out of you; what would you do with it and what would you name it?

    I'd name him/her the funniest name I could think of, so no-one would take him/ her seriously. Like 'Corky'. I imagine Corky would have too many self-esteem problems, when growing up, to bring out the destruction of all humanity... and would settle to being an accountant instead.
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    Microsoft Working to Make Xbox One DLNA-Compatible, Will Play CDs

    You know kids, there was a time when you just bought games consoles to play games. Yeah, good point. This all seems like a pointless battle in my eyes. How many people out there buy CDs still? Surely not the kinds of people that play games? Heck, regarding films, it's all about streaming...
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    Ironfall's Gorgeous Tech Demo Brings PS3-Level Graphics to The 3DS

    To be honest, it doesn't look that good. Looks no better than RE Revelations on launch. Doesn't look anything like a PS3 game. Not even an early build on. This is after watching the one on their website. Then, crippled with the XL that blows up games even more...
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    Reggie Fils-Aime Sure Seems Quiet These Days?

    I'm not missing the full picture. I'm fully aware of how well the 3DS is doing. Actually, you're not seeing the full picture here. Not all of us live in the US, so we don't all know precisely what console you're talking about when you mentioned the best selling.
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    Reggie Fils-Aime Sure Seems Quiet These Days?

    Wii U is the best selling console in the US at the moment? Pretty astonishing as it's the worst selling in native Japan. Still, considering the PS4 and X1 are right round the corner, you'd hope Reggie and his minions would be doing more to sway more to buy into the Wii U before it's...
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    Double Fine's Broken Age All About Context-Based Interaction, Not Verbs

    Basically, they're using the same mechanics as, say, Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, released back in the mid 90's? Or maybe something very slightly watered down from that?
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    so... Orson Scott Card... boycott why?

    Basically, it comes down to too many people out there being extremists. I support same sex marriage, and I'm not religious, but just because the guy 'believes' same sex marriage is wrong, and is a Christian, in my eyes, is not a solid enough reason for anyone to boycott someone's, or to call...
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    Historical periods that are barely ever explored in games

    I'd like to see more done on India's fight for independence against England. I think that was an intriguing time in history for the country and would make for some great stories.