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    USA - Police State here we come!

    Sadly it is not as easy, all of these politicians talk pretty while they are campaigning (look up Obama's campaign ads and whatnot) but once they get into office they begin to serve the highest bidder, A.K.A lobbyist. the only politician that I believe can do things different is Ron Paul, I...
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    British Neuroscientist Says Games Cause Dementia

    ...agreed. *twitch
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    Sick of WoW - Hook me on something else.

    Its odd because right before I saw this I sighed to myself and said "...I want to play World of Warcraft" Truth is that I got out of Warcraft pretty much a year ago and so far I havent been able to find any other MMO that can deliver what Warcraft did, sure it gets repetitive but once you see...
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    Poll: Will China Replace the US as the World's Leading Superpower?

    If things keep going the way they are, by 2016 China's economy will be larger than that of the US
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    You have just been married...

    Alice, from Madness Returns. That's going to be some wierd sex..
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    Has anyone else played Alice: Madness returns?

    Got it, aint gotten far yet, but so far I am glad I payed for it! Beautifully designed and fun to play!
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    Best Videogame Quote (NO Bioshock)

    "Spawn more Overlords" I just cant get that out of my head..
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    Favorite RTS factions?

    Age of Mythology: Egyptians/ God:Isis improved economy=zerging=win Norse/ God: Loki Heroes summon myth units + Nidhogg=win Starcraft 2: (dint play SC1 and I'm ashamed of it) Zerg: well because they are Zerg! what better explanation do you want?!!
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    I haven't cried in ages and I want you to fix that

    This always makes me sob like a little *****... however, for this to have a similar effect on you, you must first have to watch the whole AIR series. just in case you have: some of the character backstories in FF3 (ff6 in japan) made me cry...
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    Poll: Do you know more than one language?

    Spanish and English, they make us take English classes since 3rd grade here in Puerto Rico.
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    Games you couldn't wait for that turned out to be huge disappointments.

    Every FF after FF10, lost my faith in FF12, 13 and 14(online) were disappointments as well so at least I didn't suffer as much.
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    Pro-Gamer Gauntlet: Trial By Fire

    holy s**t! ( o_0)
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    What Were You Doing When The World 'Was Going To End'?

    at Puerto Rico Comic Con! absolutely THE best way to spend the last day on earth!
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    What have happend to the MMORPGS?

    this very website can help you answer your question: Extra Credits: ZP:
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    Trailers: Orcs Must Die: Wind Belt Weapon Spotlight

    Ha! alliance players now have something to vent their frustration when their Orgrimmar raid wipes for the 3rd time in a row.