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    *Good* Modern Single Player Shooters (PC Preferred).

    Sure, but my problem was that it was incredibly poorly executed.
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    *Good* Modern Single Player Shooters (PC Preferred).

    Several people have mentioned Shadow Warrior and I would agree that it's worth getting (especially since it's dirt cheap at this point) but I should point out that it very much does not have cool bosses. The writing's pretty poor too, if you care about that sort of thing.
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    Geeks Should Argue Politics. It's Good For Us.

    The issue isn't the combination of geeks and politics, it's the combination of ad-funded content, internet forums and politics; it encourages click-bait articles and tends to produce valueless bickering in the comments instead of well reasoned and researched content and interesting discussions...
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    Fez Creator: YouTubers Are "Stealing" Content From Game Developers

    The comparison with piracy is actually pretty strong; it doesn't seem right that the creator of something gets no recompense for the use of their creation, but at the same time I'm not sure there's anything that developers can do to improve the situation for themselves.
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    Microsoft's Ballmer Buys Sterling's Clippers For $2 Billion: Update

    Wait a minute, so Sterling "owns" the Clippers but he can't do what he wants with it and is now having it forcibly taken away from him because the NBA doesn't like what he said? Sports teams have DRM; confirmed.
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    Collective Guilt and Beauty in Games

    Now there's a back-of-the-box quote if I ever I saw one.
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    Getting More Women to Work in Games Is Easy

    Wait, what? Sampat sought data about whether women want to work in games by conducting a survey of women who were working in games or wanted to work in games. People can see why that's completely nonsensical, right?
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    Better Game Heroes Can Actually Save Real Lives

    Did they present any actual evidence linking stoic, emotionally non-expressive protagonists with negative behaviour in boys or is it just conjecture at this point?
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    KOTOR Remake Sounds Good to Xbox Boss

    It seems like it would be more worthwhile to give Kotor 2 back to Obsidian and actually let them finish it this time. Or have them make Kotor 3 and actually let them finish it this time. Or have them make any game and actually let them finish it this time.
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    "How To Pick the Perfect Video Game": The Most Useful Flowchart Ever

    This thing is ridiculous; there isn't a single path that leads to Fantasy World Dizzy!
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    Rhianna Pratchett Won't Be Part Of Mirror's Edge 2

    Well, I'm not necessarily going to say it was her fault because it sounds very much like the game was developed in such a way as to make writing for it very difficult, but the writing in Mirror's Edge 1 was just awful so this really isn't very concerning.
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    Poll: Internet reviewers/comedians: do you like their "epic" stuff?

    I have to suffer through enough horribly written "epic" story-lines when playing games, I certainly don't need or want them in reviews too.
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    New Ace Attorney, 'Classic' IP Revival in the Works for 2014, Capcom Says

    Street Fighter X Ace Attorney; I'm calling it right here.
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    Poll: Would we all be cool with a female Link?

    All a Link needs to be able to do to be Link is swing a sword around, wear green clothes and shout "Hyaaaa". I'm reasonably certain none of those requirements preclude having a female Link.