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    Old games you remember playing, but can't remember the name of

    It was a first person shooter. You played as a British and/or American soldier(s). It took place in the modern world. The antagonists were evil arabs/russians/terrorists. The colour pallet consisted of various shades of gray and/or brown. It used an aim-down-sights mechanic coupled with the...
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    The Introduction Thread! 🍺

    1. There's no real story behind the username, I just needed to come up with something :P 2. I started browsing the Escapist forums around early-mid 2009. It took me until 11/1/11 until I made an account though. 3. I'm not much of a media person, but I can say with confidence that my favourite...
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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here

    Th3Ch33s3Cak3 here, reporting for duty.
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    My fellow Escapees, In the interests of starting this forum on a good start, I thought it would be suitable to continue a thread from our old homeland. As the title suggests, feel free to discuss and rate various films you have seen. I'll start: Black Dynamite (2009) - very funny and...