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    DnD addresses racism.

    Erm, without meaning to quibble, when you say "African", does that include Egypt? And parts of Africa which was within or nearby the borders of the Roman Empire, which could be included in Roman history, I guess (similarly with Persian). I hardly claim to be an expert, but from my...
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    Trump threatens... quid pro quo?

    Nah, he'd be a rubbish villain that people would condemn the author for creating. Totally unbelievable.
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    Police said he died due to a car crash, then his family watches police beating and tasing him to death.

    Defenders of Biden generally argue that "lesser" rather than "evil" is the important part of "lesser evil". But "evil" is definitely still in there.
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    Ratcliffe declassified Russian intelligence assessment that claims Hillary was setting up a plan to connect Trump campaign to Russian hacking

    That it'd be the worst war humanity had ever seen? Yes, I'm pretty sure he did think that. Turns out to have been right. Bit off-topic, but I believe that's been greatly overhyped.
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    Are Superheroes Fascist By Modern Standards?

    Yeah, they generally aren't a million miles away from having fascist elements at the best of times, and a writer can walk up and maybe cross the line without noticing it. Better fighting subversive elements of society (who often are inherently bad), don't have to abide by the same rules as...
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    Oh hey, MovieBob got fired (Or let go)

    I do, there's useful and informative stuff to be found, from people wanting to be helpful. But I'm selective about which YouTube, Twitter and Facebook stuff I look at.
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    Ratcliffe declassified Russian intelligence assessment that claims Hillary was setting up a plan to connect Trump campaign to Russian hacking

    What, China is simultaneously a terrible threat to the world the US should engage in an all out nuclear war with, and also so weak that the US can destroy them without risking a single Chinese missile hitting it's target and only causing a few thousand civilian casualties? Yes, you can point to...
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    Portland Protesters harass people in their homes

    In fairness, it was all Michelle's fault.
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    A Beheading In France

    Very much depends on how you count it. If you're restricting it to talking about groups openly stating religion as the reason for their actions you'll get a very different result than if you include groups of one religion attacking another group their religion tends to be hostile towards.
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    Biden v. Trump Election Mega Thread

    What, you can guarantee to intercept 100% of enemy missiles? And these anti-submarine missiles are going to destroy all Chinese submarines before they can launch? That seems optimistic. I know what Patriot is, it's that thing they built in the 80s that failed to adaquately deal with Iraqi...
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    A Beheading In France

    Yeah, not going to happen. People looked at the population and economy of the EU as a ehole, saw it was big, and also assumed that it's one unified country like the US for some reason (probably Brexiteers). The bigness part is true, the unified part is not, and that's rather important
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    A Beheading In France

    Second that. And, while I'm not an expert, if you kill a bunch of people, you get to be famous/infamous, and that appeals to lots of people without religious inclinations. I can't speak for this guy in particular, but I'd imagine that there'd be people looking for a justification to get their...
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    Biden v. Trump Election Mega Thread

    Second that. I'd also point of that the US has had aircraft carriers for about a generation for every year that China has had theirs, they've plenty of institutionalised knowledge there. OTOH, there's always concerns that the military is learning the wrong lessons, that officers whose careers...
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    Trump strikes back, return of the (tax)returns

    Ouch. You've gone and made me instinctively want to defend Kylie Jenner there.
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    Biden v. Trump Election Mega Thread

    An ABM system doesn't guarantee no ballistic missiles get through. It especially doesn't guarantee against submarine launched missiles (which can be launched from anywhere there's ocean, and the US has a lot of that around), or guided missiles (which aren't ballistic), and presumably the...