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    Graphics Are Sometimes Hard

    Shamus' blog is full of this sort of thing.
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    DRM is Over

    The problem with removing the DRM after a couple of weeks is that it would draw attention to how easy it is to pirate the game after that point. People would be all "Oh, the DRM's gone. I guess that means they're OK with us pirating it then."
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    Mid Bud

    I played Dota 2 once. The other players asked me if I was drunk. I don't think I'm very good at Dota 2.
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    PS4 Impressions

    The PS3 was backwards-compatible at launch though.
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    Off The Top Of My Head

    Pokeyen, surely.
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    Rename yourself. Why not?

    Prince Vegeta. Obviously.
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    We're The Good Guys Now

    Hey, I actually recognised the lyrics this time.
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    I like this video. It is good.
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    LoadingReadyRun: The 500th Video

    And you didn't even include the skateboard nunchuck video in the violence montage...
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    Get First Glimpse Of Amnesia Sequel's Horrifying Machine

    A reference to this guy?
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    Miracle of Sound: Little Sister (BioShock)

    I'm back again after hearing Dream of the Sky. These two songs complement each other perfectly.
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    Google adapts its suggested searches to what you've searched for before. Got something you should tell us?
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    Those are the comic creators. That's what they actually look like.
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    BioShock Infinite Fan Video Falls From Columbia

    Did you watch to the end of the credits? It gives you a sort-of-happy ending...
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    BioShock Infinite Fan Video Falls From Columbia

    What's wrong with the ending?