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    Poll: What type of learner are you?

    I liken my learning skills to that of sponge. A dry, brittle sponge, with all sorts crap in there, but still can take in pretty much anything. (albeit in a slower capacity)
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    Last person to reply wins!

    Huh, one day more.
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    How do you fight writer's block?

    Writing Screenplays can be difficult, especially when you're committed to an idea that just doesn't seem good anymore. You have it to suck it up, write it out and see whether it's bad or not. My solution to writing scripts is to write out the story beats first. Dialogue always comes second to...
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    Relationship Deal Breakers: The Other Side

    -I'm very opinionated -I'm stubborn as hell (don't get into an argument with me, I'll argue even when I'm wrong) -I talk more than I should -I'm an Atheist (But I respect anyone with a spiritual side) -My smile isn't natural (See Creepy) -I'm a huge geek -I'd probably put career before my...
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    Your Last Stupid Decision

    I thought drinking half a bottle of Vodka and Irn-Bru with a Polish guy sounded like fun. It was. Until I ended up throwing up in their toilet and all over the bathroom walls. Yeah my liver still hasn't forgiven me for that.
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    What would you call your own autobiography?

    "I swear I'm not posh! One man's Guide on how to deceive people"
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    So Escapist! What University will you be attending? (/do you attend?)

    I currently study Film Production & Cinematography at Bournemouth.
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    After nearly three decades.... I realized something today.

    The Avengers don't do much 'Avenging'. None of the main character's in Sons of Anarchy, have a parent called Anarchy.
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    Take the "Which Mass Effect Species Are You?" Personality Quiz!

    I guess I'm human, after all.
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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft

    Deus Ex: HR was Square Enix.
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    Video Game Name Generator Game

    Britney Spears' Theme Park Vengeance Just picture it now. Britney takes revenge on those who have wronged her by creating a theme park designed to kill them. Your job is to make sure those who enter the park make it out alive, think roller-coaster tycoon, except you have to actively make sure...
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    Opinions on: GAME and their site

    Of all the GAME stores I've been too, not one of them was like how you described. Back in my home town the staff are friendly and helpful, and are very well informed on what they are selling. When I moved to university in Salisbury (about 90 miles from my home town) I still didn't have any...
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    British Politician Suggests State-Funded Games Addiction Rehab

    Go away Keith Vaz. You're the second thing I hate most about this country.
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    HOLY FU- Anonymous is PISSSSSED!

    Everyone abandon ship. Get out, get out of there!
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    Every kid in the US has to take a test made by you

    1) What it is this that I'm holding in my hand? 2) What is the thing you like? 3) Do you have a horse?