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    Fake an Alien Invasion, Save the U.S. Economy

    Let this serve as a warning to the rest of you: THIS is why economists shouldn't try to be funny. Ignoring the obvious silliness, even his actual point is hard to take seriously. "Commit to building lots of military equipment, and we'll get out of recession." First, that's like saying that...
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    Why do some nerds hate Big Bang Theory?

    It's made by the same guy who makes Two and a Half Men, and it plays out like a version of Friends where every character is Alan Harper. If you have absolutely no sense of dignity or pride in your nerdiness, then I guess you could conceivably find it sort of funny; but I feel that nerds have...
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    Daily Drop: Ted the Cat

    Ted the astronaut is better.
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    Poll: Who WEARS wrist watches anymore?

    I used to do that, but it caused problems whenever I was holding coffee and wondering when my break was over.
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    It is Pi Day.

    No, I'm pretty sure it's been proven that pi cannot possibly be a rational number. So, did anything interesting happen at 1:59?
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    Quit It, Gaming Edition

    Also because she's a computer program, you adorable f*ckhead. :P
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    UK Atheists Hope to Eliminate Jedi Population

    "If you don't collect stamps, for God's sake say so!"
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    UK Atheists Hope to Eliminate Jedi Population

    "No religion" is not a religion. I don't see the point of trying to defend it against people's desire to have fun.
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    Deadspace 2's "Your mom hates this game" ads -- were they really targeted at underage gamers?

    Goodness me, I hope so. Can you imagine if they were actually targeting adult gamers with that bullshit?
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    Actual City of Juarez Wants Videogame Juarez Banned

    "Does Faranheit 451 promote book burning?" Oh god, if you're gonna say that, please spell it right...
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    Daily Drop: Ketchup & Mustard

    I'm drunk and what is this?
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    Poll: Are Computer Games Art Or Entertainment?

    Art and entertainment are not mutually exclusive, you boob. Not true. "Art" has a definition, obviously, but this definition is composed of other words, words like "aesthetic," "self-expression," and "significance," the meanings of which are themselves hard to pin down. Defining art exactly...
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    Escapist News Network: The Newsroom: Dead Dragon Distance

    I always liked the first half of the ENN shows (and the after-credits sequence, of course). The editorial bits were usually pretty obnoxious. The newsroom is basically the first half of ENN made into an entire show, which I think is kind of great. Also, big props for your thoughts on the Dead...
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    Poll: Violence is never the answer

    Violence is never the *right* thing. It's just sometimes not the *wrong* thing. Killing someone who killed your friend doesn't make you a good person, but at least it means he won't be killing anyone else.
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    Unskippable: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

    Methinks Hank Green's was better.