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    The Big Picture: You Are Wrong About Sucker Punch, Part Two

    A great pair of videos, MovieBob. I left the cinema after seeing this thinking the title never meant more than the "this isn't my story" reference and the lobotomy going ahead. Examining my reasons for going to see the film? Well I remember agreeing to go see it with a friend providing we...
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    Get Back Up

    It just all feels utterly hollow to me though. Everything from the incredibly cliched gravelly voiced dad being the strong parent she looks up to in her family to the total lack of reaction to "I was nearly just raped and I shot a man in the face. Ho hum, time to dust myself off and act like...
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    Korea Bans Commercial Game Item Trades

    When I first read: I didn't notice the "versa" on the trailing line, and assumed this was about "I'll pay you with sex if you like" kinda problem.
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    Poll: Katawa Shoujo: Not Sleezy fetish Sim

    Played it. One of the best games I've played in a long time. I won't say I liked everything about what I've played so far (I'm < 2 hours in on my first play) and the game has already demonstrated first rate story telling and both believable and likable characters. Fine treatment of...
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    Jimquisition: The Ten Worst Games of 2011

    I'd have thought that if DNF was getting the #1 slot for those reasons CoJer Cartel would be #2 since it also did some of crap. That said, thank god for Jim.
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    Open Letter to People Who Make Games

    Absolutely agree with this open letter. I think far too many people in the industry are using patching as an opportunity, again and again in careless ways. More and more of my money is being spend on pen and paper RPGs now because I think computer games are becoming insultingly slipshod...
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    Trailers: Syndicate - Tech Trailer

    EA, you're making my decision to never buy or play anything with your name on it easy. I mean, I can play Deus EX: HR or E.Y.E. Divine Technomancy without supporting your DRM loving, sequel spewing, studio wrecking business model. Syndicate? You're just going to stimulate retrogaming. And...
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    Sandworm Battles Reaper in New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

    "I'm being a jerk on the internet." OK, its a fair point. But if you have an editor please tell them to be as pedantic about checking of spelling as I was so you don't have to deal with publicly left comments on a forum. It keeps the work of both of you look head and shoulders over the likes...
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    Skullgirls Dev Dismisses Cries of Sexism

    If they're going for the irony market these should at least have been subversive enough to call the game ClicheFighter. Irony without integrity is a saturated scene. Developers: they might not be able to communicate why they disapprove of something in a coherent fashion, but when enough of...
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    Sandworm Battles Reaper in New Mass Effect 3 Trailer

    Please use a spellchecker. Repeat after me: "I am a professional and serious news reporter".
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    Mythbusters Fire Cannonball into Suburban Home

    I'm relieved no one was hurt. Doubtless the occupants will be freaked out about it. I hope eventually they'll be able to see a funny side to it. Perhaps several small tastefully etched brass plagues with pewter outlines of the points of impact. "Mythbusters Series xx: The Cannonball Wrong"
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    Famous Game Composers Come Together on Novum Initium

    So is this the thread for discussing the news or is everyone here just bitching that their favourite artists didn't get involved and why oh why didn't they read my mind, is that too much to ask? I mean no Japanese artists? How hard can it be to discuss a record contract on a perhaps volunteer...
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    You now have three no strings attached wishes.

    1 The power to punch my fist, through my monitor, through the internet, through someone else's monitor, into their face. 2 The power to grab them by the throat and drag them headfirst back so I can have a word with them about the way they've been acting. 3 I don't need a third wish, but...
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    Which is your favourite God?

    Jim Sterling.
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    Extra Punctuation: What Is the Matter with You People?

    A: The matter with me is that you're a published author of a book, a medium that enjoys a lack of censorship and allows the reader the opportunity to read anything potentially without censorship, and you haven't given anything more than a moralist's knee-jerk reaction than "killing children...