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    Pages in your inbox.

    Normal inbox? like 2. Inbox specific to one group? 2183.
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    Poll: Evolution Yay or Nah?

    Seriously guys, look up definitions of words before you argue against them.
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    Poll: Let's Talk about Brownies

    Brownies are so much better than cake. Much more condensed and chocolatey. mmmm...
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    I think I'll just leave this here...

    Most of the responses to this thread so far disgust me.
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    Poll: Who would you rather let die, your pet or me?

    I said OP, but only because the choice was between my pet and OP. I would never save OP. OP sucks. If it was a choice between saving a random stranger or my pet however, I would choose the stranger.
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    Still Alive Composer Penning a Ditty for Portal 2

    It is true that he has said that he would do 'music' for Portal 2: Electric Boogaloo, but he has only recently announced [] that he started work on the song. At PAX he stated that he had not started on the song yet, as the game had...
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    Zero Punctuation: Video Game Voters Network

    The only free T-shirt I got at PAX. For that they get my praise and thanks.
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    Books You Want Horribly Destroyed.

    Dawkins books were mostly reactionary. I believe (but I am not absolutely certain) that he has at least once said that he wrote his book because of the movements in America against his field of research (evolutionary biology.) The main points of his book are that religion should not be held...
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    Books You Want Horribly Destroyed.

    Oh yes great moral one. Thank you for pointing out my evil ways.
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    Stolen Pixels #223: The Expensive Dimension

    It worked on some of the images. On one though the offset was too much, but only for half of the image. ETA: Yep, all except for the middle one worked fairly well. for that one the right side of the image was good, but the offset of the left side of the image for a red/blue effect was too...
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    Feminism: has it gone to far? I have no quarrel with the actual Feminist movement, and if I were to actually read the mission statements of the main national groups, I would probably agree with them. That said, I do have a problem with many individuals, and much obvious gender bias, in both directions.
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    Escapist News Network: XBox Platinum

    I just threw together a computer on newegg with the best possible components, UPS, gaming headset, 3 mid range monitors, mouse and keyboard, 24 gigs of ram, (tri sli and unlocked cpu [I could go on]), and even with Washington sales tax, it was around 6k. I mean, you have to overclock the...
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    Video Games can be art? PROVE IT!

    I would have to go with Portal, if only because of default. (I spend all my money on college, so it is the most recently released game I have played through.) Comparing this to other works considered to be literature I would say that it could fill most of the qualities that have been used to...
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    Sony Hopes Indie Games Will Lure Players to Home

    How do you lure players with Indie games. Wouldn't that make them... mainstream?
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    Favorite Obscure Musician

    Too bad they aren't together anymore. Paul and Storm formed their own group together though. They open for and accompany Jonathan Coulton.