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    Star Wars: Episode VII Takes Place 30 Years After Original Trilogy

    I thought that they were redoing the Canon Policy for Star Wars, simplifying it from the M-, T-, C-, and N-Canon levels to just a simple Canon/Non-Canon classification. They're supposed to be going through the entire EU and saying what's happened in the timeline and what hasn't. (Sources: Here...
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    NASA Plans a Manned Flyby of Mars, Mission to Europa

    Actually, the Russians set the record for that back on the Mir, around 437 days for one person, Valeri Polyakov, with the runner-up record being 379 days. This proposed Mars flyby will still be the longest spaceflight on record by months if and when it happens, but there is some information...
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    Ubisoft Launches Black Flag Official Trailer A Tad Early

    Liberation, right? That was the name. They're supposed to be releasing an improved HD version for consoles sometime next year, I think. To the main point, the trailer's pretty, but I'm a bit annoyed by Anne Bonney's narration. She's an interesting historical character in her own right, and...
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    You can have an Army of anything. What do you have?

    Oh? Beneath you? But, what if I army of Sisko! ...what would be the plural of Sisko? Would it even need to be plural?
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    Drone Completes First-Ever Automated Carrier Landing

    It's amazing, the things that they can get these things to do, now. Size is also pretty darn impressive, though I doubt that the production versions will be quite that big. Heh, at this point, it's only a matter of time until FedEx or some other shipping company adopts this. Can you imagine...
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    Miracle of Sound: Dream of the Sky (BioShock: Infinite)

    How appropriate that a song about a game that includes reality warping and alternate dimensions should include references to your songs about other games. Anyways, sir, a magnificient song, as always, but I believe that this is one of your best. The variety and the content was simply amazing.
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    Not Greedy, Just Clueless

    Mr. Young, that was brilliant, all of it. Well said, sir.
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    You Too Can Name the Moons of Pluto

    I say Persephone and Acheron, though I actually like all of the names available.
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    Christopher Dorner first drone target on U.S. soil.

    It doesn't actually seem like they're using the drone to target him for a kill, rather it just seems like they're using it to find him; which, as far as UAV use on American soil goes, is nothing new. You know, come to think of it, there was a good TIME article on this subject a couple weeks...
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    Skyrim Composer Invites Facebook to Elder Scrolls Concert

    That just about sums up my response, too. If this get's recorded, I'm picking it up for sure.
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    LoadingReadyRun: CMN

    In that case, he would presumably have Ron Dewings as an assistant salesman.
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    GDC Announces Game Developers Choice Award Nominees

    I agree that the VA-work and soundtrack for the Mass Effect series has always been strong, it's not like there wasn't stiff competition this year. That said, I would like to have seen it get a nod.
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    Disney Blends Skylanders and Minecraft in Disney Infinity

    This...Actually looks kind of awesome. The idea, at least, is genius. I wonder what other franchises they'll throw in. I do wonder about Disney's new additions, like the article mentions, it would be amazing to see Marvel and Lucasfilm content in this. Hey, maybe they'll throw in Classic...
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    Critical Miss: Top Five Games of 2012 #4

    Still, it would be highly amusing, and I would assume that the same thing would go for anything made by Leonard of Quirm? Still, if there's ever a game in Ankh-Morpork, it would be a crime if the Watch didn't show up at least once. More on topic, I do find the tally incredibly funny...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Goes on Transhumanist Rampage

    So, too many dips into the human augmentation pool causes people to go from Adam Jensen to HK-47? Actually sounds kind of interesting; and maybe a bit amusing, too. Maybe the first sign of biological rebellion is using speech conditionals... More on topic, this game actually has piqued my...