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    Civilization: Beyond Earth Goes Seaward in Rising Tide Expansion

    I don't think it's harder per se, just different. I agree that it is less enjoyable, maybe because there are too many things spread out across the tech web? I definitely find myself falling into the "get everything" mindset. And as the game progresses it seems I am always getting farther...
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    All Future Battlefield 4 DLC Will be Free

    That's nice. Too bad it's still a broken piece of crap.
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    The Critical Miss Guide to GPUS

    My GTX 570 is chugging along just fine. It might be old, but it still gets the job done XD
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    Poll: Anime - Dub or sub?

    I prefer subs for sure. But a good dub beats a good sub any day
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    Unity 5 Launches Globally, With No Royalties

    So um, without royalties and with a free full download, how are they planning on making money? I mean this is awesome and all, don't get me wrong, but I'm just not seeing the profitability of doing it this way vs Unreal's release.
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    The New "WoW Token" Lets You Buy Gold With Cash, Game Time With Gold

    Taking a page from the EVE playbook I see. Well except that the price is controlled by Blizzard, not sure how I feel about that. I'd imagine that this will probably be good for maintaining a strong player base in the years to come.
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    Poll: Has Dragon Age Inquisition out-skyrimmed Skyrim?

    Skyrim was fun, to an extent. The repetitive dungeons/caves and dragon battles, as wellas the ease of playing a sneaky archer left a lot to be desired. DAI may not be the best, but I honestly don't know what is.
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    What is with the asian\indian men obsession with white women?

    It's because Japanese culture hasn't quite gotten past the whole gender stereotypes thing. It's getting better, i think, but still far from it.
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    Do you play games you don't enjoy?

    Can't say I've played a game i didn't enjoy for more than maybe an hour, less for shorter games or ones that aren't particularly involved.
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    Your mode of transport and why

    Car, car, car, oh and car. I live in Los Angeles county. There is simply no more reliable mode of transportation here than your own personal vehicle.
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    What's in your 3DS collection?

    Pokemon X Zelda Bravely Default I highly recommend that anyone who owns a 3DS picks up Bravely Default. It is a fantastic game.
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    Sony Claims Pricey SD Cards Produce "Less Electrical Noise"

    I forgot to mention this was like 3.5 years ago. Have had zero issues with it, but when I eventually upgrade I think I am going to do a complete overhaul project instead of putting new pieces on the motherboard.
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    "I'll pick it up when it's cheap"

    The only games I pay full price for are games that I am completely on board with. Like when the gw2 expansion comes out. I will 100% buy that day 1 even if it's crap. I just recently purchased the Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection on origin for $10. I used to own the first decade, but...
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    Sony Claims Pricey SD Cards Produce "Less Electrical Noise"

    I had to buy an audio card because the front ports and rear ports on my computer picked up noise from mouse movement. Yes it was probably a mobo issue, but the card was $20 and everything works wonderfully now.
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    The REAL reason why RWBY failed(You're not gonna believe it)

    If you watched RWBY for the story, you did it wrong.