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    The Big Picture: Q&A

    I was big on Magnet Man, myself, Bob. Still, thanks for answering my question. Unrelated note, YES, next week marks Schlocktober!
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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    I really hope DC turns it around and makes these movies worth it, even without Batsy and Supes. Seriously, how crazy would it be if out all of DC's "throw superheroes at the wall and see what sticks" desperate attempts, it turns out Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel (no I won't refer to him as...
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    The Big Picture: Plothole Surfers

    A plot hole is what happens when a movie breaks its own rules. It is not when the rules lawyer starts complaining to get his way. For the Q&A: -Do you have any comic book recommendations? -Who is your favorite Robot Master in the Mega Man series? -If you could bring back any extinct...
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    Opinion: The Digital Future Might be Broken

    You used to be cool, Valve, you used to care.
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    Zero Punctuation: Unavowed

    I thought you were exiled from the AGS community because you Phil Fish'd, Yahtzee! Was that episode (I don't recall if it was the second half of Rob Blanc 1+2 or Rob Blanc 3) of The Ego Review a lie?
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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    Well there's a jingle I haven't heard in a dog's age...
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    Toys R Us is now closing all buisness.

    I don't wanna grow up. Growing up reminds me that things from my childhood die.
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    Should Disney get into the video game business?

    I think they should license out their properties, but go the South Park route where Disney's writers are working alongside the game developers. I mean, back in the day, Disney was one of the few brands where you could actually get a good licensed game once in a while, so I don't see why working...
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    Superbowl 52

    I'm just glad Bellicheat and Brady lost. Fuck them.
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    Poll: Was the Mass effect 3 ending that bad?

    The ending was nowhere near as people make it out to be. Plus, their pissing and moaning is so loud about it, they basically have ignored every other part of the game. I never hear anyone talk about Mordin's death, Rannoch or the curing of the Genophage, all because they just go on and on...
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    Total War: China Announced

    Betcha the Dynasty Warriors guys are like, "shit, man, Creative Assembly's stealing our thunder!"
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    Zero Punctuation: Okami HD

    Man, if you think Shinto was having fun coming up with their mythology, I must know your thoughts on Aztec mythology. They were on the good drugs in those days before all those filthy Spaniards showed up.
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    So cartoon network schedule this week: The Holy Shit sequel

    That's not true! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! God, Cartoon Network as really hit a nadir, haven't they?
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Forces

    Ass Cancer Awareness Special now featuring special guest speaker John Cena. What? Visiting kids with ass cancer is, like, half of what the guy does.