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    Just an experiment. :P

    (hug) from Skype i think? Hmmmmm...
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    So the Steam Summer sale ends today what did ya get?

    I picked up Borderlands GOTYE, Audiosurf, Unreal Tournament Classic, Just Cause 2, and Unreal Tournament 2004. Sales are awesome.
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    "Your" music

    One of my favorite songs, it's just so catchy. Looks like it can't be embedded though :/
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    Fear me mortals for I am a god moments.

    Playing Red Faction Guerilla, Sand Pit. On big tower in pit w/ sniper. Tower gets blown up, I fall to ground and nearly die. Get up, camera is switched around, see guy coming up behind me, sledgehammer literally over his head about to smash me. I pull the trigger in panic, my guy whips around to...
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    A fourth console: Lenovo iSec

    So if you buy multiple consoles will you have isecs...? In all seriousness, it just seems like it's trying to follow up on the Wii's market of family and casual games, and it seems likeanyone in the market for an iSec would already have a Wii, which has those types of games and other popular...
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    Poll: Am I Sleeping?

    That sorta thing happens to me all the time in school. Really tired, trying to keep awake.. BAM! Snap awake, but it doesn't feel like I've been asleep at all, except people are talking about different stuff. Weird, huh?
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    Trailers: Mortal Kombat Launch

    I like the part where the one guy hurt the other guy.
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    If your genitals was a game...

    Well, I was gonna say "Fallout," but that's just disturbing...
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    4 months on xbox live and only one hate message

    I was once playing TF2 on Xbox, just switching around between classes every couple deaths, and I killed this random guy as a pyro,everyday stuff. But this guy sent me a text message that went something like "noob can only play pyro play class that takes real skill" Guess I upset him somehow.
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    Really Bad Jokes

    Where do one-legged people work? IHOP
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    Michael Bay Assembling Zombies vs. Robots Movie Reminds me of this song. Hopefully it will be as awesome.
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    Last album you listened from start to finish

    Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense (Special Live Edition) Fantastic.
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    You have been transformed into your avatar.

    I guess I'm an animated British Pop Star... Coo.
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    Become an Extreme Sergeant to the Max in Duty Calls

    I would love Epic if Duty Calls was an easter egg in Bulletstorm!
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    Truly Failed Advertising

    Those god-awful Slim Jim ads that used to be on the Escapist. Every time I saw one, I wanted to shove dessert forks in my eyes and ears.