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    It's been a while

    I've been part of this site for seven years. For the longest time, I was immersed in it. I played forum games, wrote collaborative pieces with people, bitched about the hobby that brought us here. I was here before Unskippable existed (he totally could have flanked this guy). It was a home...
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    Escapist News Wrap: Gamers Ask for GTA V PC and THQ Sued Over Tattoo

    Ah, nothing like being reminded of Condit's victory over Diaz to brighten up my day...
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    "Mutual Combat Laws" Let Superhero Trounce Racist

    Interesting fact: Jones's brother, Caros Fodor, is twice the badass Jones is. Fodor is 7-2 in professional MMA, fighting at the highest level, and knocked Justin Wilcox out cold in 13 seconds.
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    Poll: Chick-fil-a owner admits to anti-gay views

    Here's the problem: they donate to organizations that actively look to destroy gay marriage. It's not just an opinion, it's something they act on.
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    Dance with Dragons Question (SPOILERS)

    If you're here, I'm assuming you read the book. For those who don't know what I'm talking about but watch the TV series Game of Thrones, leave. Gone? Good. I have a boatload of issues with the latest book, but the one that sticks out to me the most (besides Aegon "PLOT DEVICE" Targaryen)...
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    Yahtzee actually teased his new book months before it was announced

    If you go back to his review of Dead Island, you'll find this line: "If the fucking Daleks invade or the entire world gets covered in carnivorous jam, you'll have to make papier-mâché zombie facsimiles just to get through the day." Fast-forward to April. Dark Horse announces his next book...
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    Aliens: What if we're the advanced species?

    Reminds me of Humanity, Fuck Yeah.
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    Poll: Who Do You Think is the Best Sci-Fi Soldier?

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    Memorable Quotes (And a guessing game)

    First one's the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook sketch. Second one? No clue.
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    Worst Story in a game Ever

    I thought the power vacuum following the end of Act II was quite interesting, as were your companions' evolutions. But to each his own, I suppose. People dislike MGS4's story and I understand why; still made me cry, though.
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    Worst Story in a game Ever

    Am I the only one in the world who LIKED Dragon Age II's story? To me, it seemed like it treated Kirkwall itself as the main character and explored how it evolved in response to your actions. I really enjoyed it. And yes, I've played Dragon Age I and beaten it twice. Combat in the first...
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    Catherine Will Feature "Topless Female Demons"

    Fingers crossed for demon hipster chicks.
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    Whats your Finishing move/Trump card?

    A move I can actually do: spinning heel kick to the face.
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    Computer Built in Minecraft Has RAM, Performs Division

    It's only a small step before someone grabs zombies and makes Deep Rot (