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    destiny installation file keeps erasing itself on my 360

    every time I start up destiny I am forced to re-download the 6 gb installation file and the compatibility update as if it's the first time I've played it. I don't know what to do and I'm pissed about having to wait 20 minutes for an install every time I want to play it. any suggestions?
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    Nine Inch Nails Discussion

    yeah but how do you not notice the writing in blood on the front door? did he buy it without looking at it?
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    Nine Inch Nails Discussion

    yeah just watched a manson doc.he is one really morbid dude to want to even be in that house,let alone record an album there.I guess it might have been a bit of inspiration for him.
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    Nine Inch Nails Discussion

    NIN is the shit.I don't have a favorite song,but my favorite album is the fragile. interesting fact:trent reznor recorded the downward spiral album in the house where charles manson ordered the murders of sharon tate and several others.the house was to be demolished when he was finished...
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    In what games do we torture people?

    you are controlling a character and you torture a german scientist by first breaking a nearby window with the left trigger, taking glass out of the frame and putting it in the scientists mouth,and then punching him in the face with right trigger. i felt a little hollow inside afterwards.
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    my stoner buddies call me hippie nuts cuz i lost some weed once.they also call me cousin it(long hair) or lurch because i'm really tall.
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    Poll: the skinny jean fad

    now ive resolved to wear the loosest fitting levis available just so It doesnt happen fact im wearing my 550s right now.
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    Strange little things you do

    i bite my lip when I play guitar hero.
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    Poll: the skinny jean fad

    my stiffy tore my jeans when I was at school.i had to wear my gym shorts th rest of the day.
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    how would you like to die?

    i agree....die young with a beautiful corpse.
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    Poll: the skinny jean fad

    and even then only girls with nice asses look hot in them.i prefer baggy clothes,and tried a pair of skinny jeans one time.the first time i got a boner the pants became unwearable.
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    Go back in time and save music.

    I'm aware of the story thanks,but even if you cut off his toe he might have still died from the cancer, or perhaps bled to death from the toe.
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    Poll: Worst Movie EVAH???

    did you know theres another one called snakes on a train?the worst is probably speed racer.or blood guts bullets and octane.that movie is r dumb.
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    The Elusive Broken Bench

    I reccomend playing somewhere small first to see how people react to bands first gig was a coffee shop,and we played for free.
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    Go back in time and save music.

    how would you save bob marley? he died of cancer.hendrix and curt are do-able but bob marley is not.i would save music by killing akon young.very young.I'd stab his mom in the stomach while shes carrying him.