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    Ever Had This Happen To You

    I bought Batman: Arkham City when it was released and a friend borrowed it shortly afterward and I never got it back. Yesterday I jumped back into my saved point and had this dilemma of feeling overwhelmed.
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    Poll: Now the drought is almost over, what 2015 games are you excited for?

    Honestly, I just want the last episode of Life is Strange.
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    Smaller Devs Abused By Steam's "No Questions Asked" Refund Policy

    ^This! Why does this need to be brought up with every other thread? I feel like there should be a memo or FAQ because we come to the same conclusions. Most new AAA releases retail for $50+ to $60 USD plus taxes and aim for 8 hours of game length. 2 hours isn't even worth one dollar? Few games...
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    Games that are so good they've ruined every other game in their genre for you

    I realized I haven't been able to get into any shooter that claims to be "tactical" or "realistic" since SWAT 4. I then went to Steam to buy it, and to my dismay discovered it's not available on digital distribution.
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    Games that are so good they've ruined every other game in their genre for you

    Oh and HL2 ruined all physics in other action games. Since 2004, I keep having these same thoughts when playing a 3D action game: "Nice effect, but wouldn't it be nice if these physical interactions were actually incorporated into the gameplay instead of being there to look pretty"...
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    Games that are so good they've ruined every other game in their genre for you

    Ever since I started playing the Episodic Adventure series Life is Strange by DontNod Entertainment three months ago, I can no longer get into any of Telltale Games's Episodic Adventures. Some of the reasons appear in this video: I loved The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us. I...
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    Hasbro: We've Released "Plenty" of Female Star Wars: Rebels Toys - Update

    Avatar: The Last Airbender had a mostly young adult female fanbase. Mattel owned the license to the franchise. I was never able to buy a Toph or Katara figure for my nieces and students. That is because Mattel never made a female figure from that franchise to entice it's mainly female audience...
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    I feel like the Gators are doing some sort of rain dance in celebration.
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    Publishers Wanted Life is Strange Devs to Make Leads Male

    Catching Fire, Frozen, and Gravity were the top grossing movies of 2013. Mockingjay was the top grossing movie of 2014. Many of the other top grossing action movies were female oriented or had a significant character that was a woman. So I think you're on the money that it really just speaks...
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    Life is Strange - Just Wow.

    Outrageous Prices? The average AAA game releases for $50-$60. That does not even include the DLC and Collector's Edition items. It used to be average for them clock in 8 hours for singleplayer campaign. Now that's only if you are lucky. Movie tickets in my city cost $12.29 for General...
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    Michelle McLaren Will Direct Wonder Woman - Update

    Michelle MacLaren, Master of Montages. Even if the movie sucks. (Which is highly likely considering the current state of DC Comics.) Expect some epic scenes from arguably the greatest Breaking Bad director. She also is responsible for some epic moments from Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
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    Bruce Timm's Latest Batman Animated Short Debuts April 9

    It looks like this is based off of the Hugo Strange story from Batman #1. With the giant monster, machine guns on the Batgyro and art style.
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    Feminists, we need to talk about fedoras

    I have shamed young trilby and fedora wearers long before they become associated with radical libertarians, MRA whiners, and sleazy pick up artists. My belief is that those hats belong with a nice tie and dress clothes. Most young men who wear fedoras today pair it with jeans, a t-shirt and/or...
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    Well, my childhood was ruined today

    Back in the day while watching Star Trek: The Original Series I wondered why Yeoman Janice Rand stopped appearing on the show. Prior to that, it seemed as if she was growing into a series regular with her own dedicated storyarcs. Last week. learned that her actress Grace Lee Whitney was raped...