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    Bloodborne is much easier than expected

    Yeah, about halfway through I just used my Kirkhammer for its sword variation, only pulling out the Hammer for when I felt being mean to the early game enemies. OT: Yeah you probably just found BB easier if you played very aggressively in DS and DS2. I was definitely always a more defensive...
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    The slowest game beginnings ever?

    Kingdom Hearts 2, oh god Kingdom Hearts 2. The entire first 4 hours of that game are some of the most glacial shit Ive ever had to do and its a shame because it makes me not want to replay the game whenever Im in the mood for Kingdom Hearts. Actually now that I think about it, Kingdom Hearts 1...
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    Whats your least fav game of last generation?

    Jesus Christ you cant begin to imagine how much I laughed at the Edge line Hm lets see least favourite? Its hard to say since I played hundreds of games last gen.... Probably something like Bioshock Infinite and not even because its a bad game, just its an incredibly incredibly okay game...
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    Street Fighter V Review - Incomplete Excellence

    Street Fighter V is a very strange game, for the average consumer, the game has nothing, but for a fighting game player its got everything you need. A good training mode and solid online play. Personally I fell into the latter half, however it was helped by the fact that I followed the game...
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    Street Fighter V's Full Length CG Trailer is Rockin'

    This game is meant to bridge the events of Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3 so im assuming the story will end with Nash killing Bison as hes supposed to be dead at the time of Street Fighter 3. Also Ryu and Ken only have a friendly rivalry, if Necali was supplanting anyone it would be...
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    Ananchronistic Soundtracks, do they work?

    EDIT: Stupid double post
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    Ananchronistic Soundtracks, do they work?

    I think one of the justifications as well was that the new format they put music on after a certain point in time just didnt have the durability to survive the nuclear apocalypse. So new music was made, its just all music made in the new format was nuclear proof or something. Its a cheap...
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    What different/new direction would you like an IP to take?

    I'd really like the modern day Assassins Creed game to come out. Although if they want to take their time and keep making improvements to the gameplay (Syndicate imo was a huge improvement in making the games play very differently) and slow down the release cycle like they seem to be planning...
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    Poll: Hardest Souls Game (including Bloodborne)

    If I had to rank them from Hardest to Easiest, Id say Dark Souls is the hardest, followed by Bloodborne, then Demons and Dark Souls 2 tied for easiest. I couldnt pin exactly why Dark Souls 1 is the hardest, but i can say Bloodborne is easier just because of the whole regain mechanic as well as...
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    I bought Dragon's Dogma, but I'm bored out of my mind after playing for a while. Does it get better?

    Dragons Dogma is one of those titles where if you dont like it within a few hours, there probably wont be anything to hook you in later on. I got really hooked immediately since the combat was really fun, (one of the few games where you get to swing around a legitimate Big Fucking Sword). Dont...
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    Rumor: No Assassin's Creed this year, Watch Dogs 2 instead.

    Just saying that in Syndicate the closest we got was a cane sword and the characters seemed to like using it more like a club than any kind of sword OT: Thats good to hear, although slightly disheartening since I actually really like the series and recently fell back in love with it...
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    Capcom Explains Sagat's Absence in Street Fighter V

    Pls Ono no one except you wants Blanka in the game
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    Kylo Ren was the highlight of TFA SPOILERS

    I kind of just thought Ren lost that battle because he took a fucking bowcaster shot to his midsection. The gun that was shown previously in the movies to propel guys off their feet when being hit with one of its shots. Plus Ren seemed to have an unhealthy interest in Rey so he likely didnt...
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    Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Did J.J. Abrams and Disney Ruin Star Wars?

    I thought the film was really good as a whole, even though it had several problems. My biggest personal issue in all honesty was
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    Poll: Mage, Thief or Warrior?

    Theres always been a cathartic joy in hitting enemies with large weapons and shrugging off their attacks like they were swinging toy swords so I guess warrior has my vote. Too bad we tend to suffer late game (damn quadratic wizards)