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    What is the Origin of your Username or Avatar?

    I'm a ginger, hence; the carrot. Avatar is an album cover I really love, it's a little hard to see because it's so small here, but someone old enough might recognize it.
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    Has bob replied to any of this? Or is he too condescending to actually reply to any of the people he baited with his post.
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    I'm not really a huge Diablo fan in all honesty. So it's not a huge loss to me. That game is too much of a timesink for me to play and not get incredibly irritated at.
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    Diablo 3 may not be on that list ultimately:
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    Your argument shoots itself in it's own foot sadly. As you point out, indeed, consoles are diminutive functionality PCs. They have shown in their pursuits of added functionality that they want this, to provide a broader purpose than they do now. Which can all be had, now, in the form of PCs...
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    The Business of Manipulation

    So now that you've gained our trust, what exactly was it you were trying to sell us again?
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    265: Punching the Baby Seal of PC Gaming

    I think the big problem with this article and subsequent discussion is this: For many people, PC gaming is a labor of love. The platform has problems if you don't put effort in. And for those willing to put that effort in, your article comes off as flamebait. I know it does to me. It is already...
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    265: Punching the Baby Seal of PC Gaming

    Perhaps he is conflating these things, but taking care of one's computer is not really any different than taking care of gear involved for any other hobby. And yes, the care does take some effort. His analogy is not without some merit, you should have given him that.
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    265: Punching the Baby Seal of PC Gaming

    It's funny that you say that, you've undertaken bashing the most browbeaten of platforms, the template or father of them, and attacked them publicly. You say the grass is greener somewhere else? Go there, please, I'm tired of the fucking bashing thank you. I'm tired of the twelve year olds...
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    265: Punching the Baby Seal of PC Gaming

    ...Too bad. I hate to get like this, but If you can't take the time out of your busy gaming schedule to put together and do the upkeep on a gaming PC, Don't game on the PC. Obviously you've decided not to, or to do so less, but in all seriousness I'm just not sympathetic. I don't buy it, that...
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    252: Jane McGonigal Lives the Game

    I saw her talk at TED a while ago. While I liked what she had to say, most often, when her talk has come up, on the occasions on which it has come up, most of what I hear from others is pretty derisive. Or she is simply outright mocked. I'm not bashing your article, but Jane Mcgonigal does...
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    251: Videogames: A Modern Folly

    I agree with you for a large part. If you're just pointing at developers when saying this I think the comment is fine. Innovation has been lost, as the saying goes, They are no longer hungry (like the expression, "stay hungry" if that was lost on you). But in all honesty I think major game...
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    Poll: would you destroy humanity?

    No, If I were that disappointed with what was going on in the world, and I had the means to destroy humanity. I'd use those resources to launch myself into space and never return. Some people don't want to die, and it's not my choice for those individuals. Besides which, if I had the resources...
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    Games you've just stopped playing.

    I can think of three recent ones, Fallout 3, Bioshock, and COD4:MW. All of them I grew bored with and eventually traded away without having finished (except fallout, which I bought on steam).
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    245: Steam: A Monopoly In the Making

    They thought Demigod would be the exclusive that put them on the map. Didn't happen.