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    Man Who Bought $735 Xbox One Photo Gets Free Xbox One

    CeX head office is just full of cool guys, not surprised this got authorised.
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    Update: Fez Dev Tells Media Member To Kill Himself

    Wow, way to act like a child and throw a tantrum. It's a shame, Fez was such genius.
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    Create Folders On The Vita With New 2.10 Firmware

    This is definitely worthwhile, I didn't ever quite understand why I couldn't move around the built in apps. Bought a Vita more or less entirely for Persona 4 and I haven't looked back. I do hope Sony get round to supporting the console better. So far the PS+ games are getting me through...
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    Backlogs and Hoarding

    I used to have huge backlogs of games spanning more than 30 titles, it was nice to have all those titles to go to but kinda a waste as I rarely touched my backlog. Ever since I started working at CeX I sell anything I don't play for more than a few days as I know I'll be able to get it again...
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    EA Exec Predicts the Looming End of Retail Game Sales

    Companies keep going on about how new and used sales are dying, but then I look at CeX, the amount of trade that goes through my local one daily is ridiculous, it's what keeps many games going years after they're released.
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    The Customer Doesn?t Care About Your Burglar

    Retail is fickle, you can't keep customers happy all the time, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes it does just resort to being select, sarcasm is a big thing where I work that we're meant to be cutting down on, but what about when that one customer walks in who really deserves it. Some...
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    How your favourite game should have ended

    Generally if a games ending disappoints me then it rather quickly slips from my internal list of favourite games... Anyway let's go for a curveball, Final Fantasy 10, it should've ended with Final Fantasy 10, no part 2.
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    BioWare Did Right By Us

    The extended cut was better, it was far from perfect, hell it was still only passably good, but at least it didn't fill me with the same rage the original ending did. Round of applause Bioware for taking a step in the right direction, then turn it into a sarcastic slow clap that they made a...
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    Wow-The legend of Korra Finale

    That was a fabulously worded post with great discussion value, thank you.
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    Wow-The legend of Korra Finale

    For some reason Korra constantly seems to be up and down for me, as a general perspective on the whole series I hate the way they moved away from the spiritual side of things.
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    Custom Servers, Your Feelings.

    Back in my LAN gaming days, Prophunt was the best thing ever. I can imagine it still is.
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    Custom Servers, Your Feelings.

    I just don't see people's obsession with being in hour long games where the attacker pretty much cannot lose without spending the entire game shooting at the sky.
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    Custom Servers, Your Feelings.

    I only really started to notice this once again with custom servers on Battlefield 3 consoles, but I realised I actually hate custom servers. Not all custom servers, but the majority of them. Battlefield is the easiest example as I've used it the longest, back to BF1942 days, I really...
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    Trailers: Halo 4 - E3 Gameplay Trailer

    The only thing that annoys me is that the covenant are again in this game. I see no reason for them to still exist ._. They better have some incredible explanation.