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    Forums you used to love.

    This is pretty much what I think. Even though I was young and absolutely retarded at the time of the forum's "golden age", I know what you mean, and I do think that the escapist has lost that certain charm it had. Hell the only thing I really do anymore is watch Yahtzee and Feed Dump and jump...
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    Rebecca Black's new single.

    That's the most ridiculous thing, yeah. For the love of the Hive Mind, people, stop paying attention to her, you're just giving her more money.
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    60 FPS is Modern Warfare 3's "Competitive Edge"

    Because clearly the Escapist is the most intellectual site around and such riff-raff shouldn't be allowed, eh wot wot. (This is towards some of the people that actually go aggressive against such puns, not the person quoted) On topic, I pretty much agree with what Root and Hazabaza have said.
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    Poll: Damn,2012 is becoming true..Or is it...

    Yeah, I can't see it.
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    Bulletstorm Soundtrack Goes Free

    Pro tip: Borderlands =/= Bulletstorm OT: Oh hell yeah, I was looking forward to them releasing this and hearing they've released it for free is just amazing. Edit: Oh I've just noticed OnyxOblivion said the same thing. Heh.
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    THQ: Homefront Is Not a 71

    No, Homefront is not a 71, it's one of the worst games I've ever played and It's more a 31, and No, Homefront is not art.
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    Miracle of Sound: Age of the Dragon (Dragon Age 2 Song)

    Yeah, I really dislike Dragon Age II, but this is just brilliant.
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    Most impossible fan base to please?

    Hey some people have different opinions so let's call them fanboys and make a thread discussing exactly how impossible to please they are!
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    Valentines Day

    Basically this, just going to be a little extra romantic then. I'll probably make something for her.
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    I get insulted because I buy my music...wait, what?

    Fix'd a bit so it suits me and I'll add for singing in a choir. Even though almost everyone in the country knows how bad-ass the choir I sing in is (best in the country, one of the better choirs in the region, full of kewl people), and that I sing bass, which is the manliest voice. Oh: Also for...
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    How would you improve a game?

    Oh my God, nostalgia trip. But anyway, yeah, I agree with the TF2 stuff.
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    Solutions in games that made you feel really stupid

    Oh yeah, that one. Man I felt stupid after I hit the hint button.
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    Why new Dante and new Lara are a problem.

    Prequel, character development. EDIT: Oh, it's not a prequel... derp. Still, my point stands for DMC V.
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    A Long Time Ago, In A TARDIS Far, Far Away...

    I think my brain would explode from all the awesomeness. OT: Pretty damn good.
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    Mass Effect Question

    The one that saves them? You need to send the fleet in immediately.