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    No Right Answer: Best "Playa" Ever

    And if they did, it would have been. You seem to be missing out on what the problem is, so I'll underline it. Not Offensive Not Offensive Offensive - Because it insults real people beliefs, and is ridiculously inaccurate even for a non-believer. Not hating the playa - just the...
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    No Right Answer: Best "Playa" Ever

    Read it back. Then decide. Then ask yourself what you'd feel like if I started making 9/11 jokes. I'm exceedingly angry at certain contributors using their taglines for posts that wouldn't be accepted as normal posts - and I'm making a point here. If you want to condemn others cultures, I...
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    No Right Answer: Best "Playa" Ever

    No. I'd hate to see what would happen if you called the New York Police Force a bunch of drunkards. 1) It's trolling. 2) It's religion and politics. 3) It's a throw-away line to introduce something irrelevant. I'd report it normally and I'm reporting it now.
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    No Right Answer: Best "Playa" Ever

    Wow. Just wow... Could you be more offensive? I appreciate that maybe a joke, but if I described 4th July in a similar way, wouldn't I be outright banned? Seriously guys, so not cool. St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of the 4 Saints that brought Christianity to Europe and then to the...
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    Poll: If the 3 endings of ME3 are the only ones we're going to get, which will be your final choice??

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    You're mislabeling. This isn't "Gamer-Entitlement", this is "Human Entitlement". Horizon last week had a whole thing on how the Human Brain ignores what it has to push what it wants. On average, we're too stupid to realise we're not losing out unless we think on it. Also, companies are...
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    Should the overweight pay more for airfare?

    Nope, because it's your choice. You can sit in a smaller seat - just you'll be more cramped. That's safety - height requirements themselves would be racist/sexist because of the design of the rides. My definition? Because it's stupid? (Long answer: Because it's directly attributing a...
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    BBC Points Finger at Iran for Cyberattack

    It's not likely to be Pizza's, is it? It'd be Falafels.
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    Should the overweight pay more for airfare?

    Because it's a lot easier to leave a shirt behind than leave a couple of meals behind. Also it's racist: because you've just said that Oriental people should travel cheaper than Caucasians (Due to average weight), sexist: Because men will pay more than women (due to average weight), and are...
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    Should the overweight pay more for airfare?

    Stupid beyond belief. If we're strictly talking weight, can I get money off for being skinny? Do we have to pay extra because we eat the in-flight meal? Do anorexics get a discount? Or are we just hammering home that loathsome idea that people need to be super-skinny to be healthy...
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    Mass Effect 3's Ending Was Intended To Polarize

    And George Lucas meant Jar-Jar to be hated.
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    Zero Punctuation: Syndicate

    Yahtzee 2 Syndicate 1 Perhaps there's some milage in looking at old games, EA? Just a thought....
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    Has the ending of a story ever been rewritten due to a negative fan reaction?

    Oh I agree on that, my novel has been away for a bit and I'm just digging back through it. Just saying that once it's released into the great unknown, you should never try and call it back.
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    The Old Republic Offers Free Weekend

    For free? Perhaps. But I even smell Origin and I'm outa there.
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    Megaupload Founder Claims Many U.S. Government Users

    The ones that patented all the technology that allows artists to freely broadcast and denies them access to it? It sounds crazy, but it might just be true. Either that or little John boy is stuck down the well again.