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    Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern Costume Officially Retconned

    I don't know. I'm never a big fan of what Hollywood does to superhero costumes, but I've kind of gotten used to accepting them if they're at least paying a little attention to the comics. Like the Bale Batman costume - I hate that it doesn't have any grey or yellow on it, and I don't like the...
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    An eerily specific question about Fallout: NV

    I know in Fallout 3 stuff would lay around forever, even if you left the game and reloaded. I mean, sometimes. And sometimes it wouldn't. I don't know why and how, or if NV works the same way.
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    Microsoft and Nvidia Quit PC Gaming Alliance - UPDATED

    Why do I get the feeling this probably has something to do with the PCGA wanting to triple membership dues so they can pay for all that "fleshing out" of "technical expertise"?
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    Rockstar Declines BAFTA Showing for Red Dead Redemption

    Maybe Rockstar isn't it wetting itself about how super-classy and awesome the BAFTAs are. Unlike some people, who clearly think getting one is like making out with God or something. It's just an award. That you have to pay to be considered for. And it's been traditionally focused on movies...
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    New Hulk Mark Ruffalo On U.S. Terror Watch List UPDATE

    This probably way too late to say this, but here I go anyway. I'm in PA, and our local paper covered this when the original story broke. The PA state government was paying a private, joint US / Israeli "private security contractor" to help it handle possible terror threats. This company...
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    State Senator Yee says ESRB is "too biased" to properly regulate video games.

    Um, yes he DID. If he gets his way, it will start a cascade effect that just may kill the industry. It's pretty simple. The State will fine retailers for violations, if the violations are a legal matter. Big retailers like Target and Walmart won't want to deal with paying the fines, so...
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    This has to be read to be belived (seriously crazy stuff)

    If you're going to reject mainstream religion, fine. Become an atheist. But dear god, don't stumble into something far worse. I guess the old saying is true: "When you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
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    Is homestarruner done?

    I had a feeling it wasn't going in the right direction when the game (games?) came out. Which I didn't play. It seemed like a pretty desperate cash-grab. Of course, as I type this I'm wearing my Strong Mad t-shirt, so I guess it's partly my fault.
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    Is homestarruner done?

    The main page says it was updated last month. I would guess that means it is still going on in some capacity. I myself have not visited it in like a year, so I can't tell you anything else.
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    One WORD language

    This is all kind of beside the point. My idea was that you could have a one-word language that would operate entire on tonal pronunciations for meanings. People have said the human ear can only hear like 8 different tones, so I guess that wouldn't work. If we're going to get technical about...
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    One WORD language

    I was already aware that a lot of Native American languages work this way (as well as Ainu, which isn't Native American, but is in a lot of ways very much like Native American, though no one has any idea why and it may have something to do with Atlantis or something, so...yeah.) But that's...
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    One WORD language

    Thanks for the opinions so far. Because I've really nothing else to add at this point, I have to say my favorite made-up language is Tamarian, from the Star Trek: TNG episode "Darmok." For those who do not recall, it was an entirely metaphorical language. The only way you could speak it was...
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    One WORD language

    I just had an idea and I wonder what fellow Escapists think. Would it be possible to have an entire language that was just a single word, where different meanings would be implied simply by tone of voice? Obviously the people speaking it would have to have super-trained hearing to pick out...
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    Why do most Game Dev's not play there own Game

    Because people who make games do it for a living. They do their part in the making of the game, then it's out of their hands in most cases, and it's on to the next game. I'm not saying they personally don't care about what the game turns out to be. A lot of them are artists and either way...
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    Judge Pulls the Plug on LimeWire

    Oh no! Now how will millions of starving children get the illegal Iron Man 2 copies they need to live?! Oh wait. This is the Internet. They'll probably figure something out. And by "they," I don't mean starving children. I mean affluent middle class Americans who are too lazy and cheap to...