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    Battlefield 3 Beta - Your Thoughts?

    People need to learn how to turn off their tac lights! Seriously, It blinds your teammates and makes you a target from miles away. Other than that, and the glitches, it's been pretty fun
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    Trailers: Battlefield 3 - "99 Problems" Trailer

    "Above and beyond the call" Oh EA you coy bastards
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    Your superhero name!

    Black pick.... Yay?
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    Minecraft Graphics.

    Minecraft just can't work with realistic graphics. Seriously, how can you represent a block of wood realistically?
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    It's Friday night. How will YOU be enjoying it?

    Maybe go hang with a friend. But I think my dad wants me to drive down to Sarasota with him (about 2 hours away), so, most likely, that.
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    Does THC deprivation last a life time?

    Uhhh.... You serious? Like... For real?
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    Bethesda: We Said No to Game of Thrones

    Not sure the SoFaI series would make a good RPG... More of an RTS kinda universe.
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    Has Anyone's Forum Health Improved?

    I went from probation to warnings, so yes
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    I'm looking to get a copy of the original Deus Ex, but i cant find one anywhere

    Steam, because it shoulda been obvious
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    Face-Chomping "Vampire" Attacks Geriatric At Hooters

    Probably just take the interstates
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    Face-Chomping "Vampire" Attacks Geriatric At Hooters

    Happened in my hometown.... Cause we're awesome like that
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    MW3 no different than MW2....(some MW3 gameplay)

    CoD's story sucks anyways. OT: I'm tempted to say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," but I'm sure most people will agree that MW2's multiplayer was broken...
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    What kind of drunk are you?

    Friendly/Loving drunk, although sometimes, I get angry with people and start blaming them for everything
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    Where did Extra Credits go?

    Somebody wasn't paying attention...
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    LucasFilms Confirms adding "NOOOOOO!" to Return of the Jedi

    What the fucking Christ? I just can't understand how anyone thought this was a good idea.