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    Recommend me an Audiobook!

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy as read by Stephen fry. Martin Freeman did the other five audio books, they're pretty good too, but Stephen Fry has such a great voice.
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    Doctor Who Series 6.13: "The Wedding of River Song' [SPOILERS] + Series wrap up

    Only River does eventually know the Doctors name, in her first episode she tells 10 his name as proof she's trustworthy.
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    Daily Writing Thread: Appeals, Prose, and Opinions

    Well now Mr Newc, I have an idea for you. Remember the <url=>Robot Dystopia RP that you ran a while back? Well I know you do because I just talked to you about it on skype, but anyway I'd be quite...
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    Escapism UK 2011 - Manchester

    Ribs can take months to heal... And I'm almost out of the painkillers the hospital gave me :(
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    Escapism UK 2011 - Manchester

    Well the injury happened during Metallicas set at Sonisphere, I slipped and got a little trampled by the crowd. I did the sensible thing and ignored it in favor of the 2 days of music festival left, got home, In A&E for less than an hour (suck it NHS haters.) Normally I can manage but on the...
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    Escapism UK 2011 - Manchester

    I was most unfortunately detained by the very not fun-ness of cracked ribs. :(
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    Escapism UK 2011 - Manchester

    Many good times will be had, can't wait.
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    I hate vegetables

    Yeah, most veg I can't stand and I only really know of potatoes and broccoli that I can eat. Every other veg I've ever tried has made me gag or vomit, I have a try anything once mentality with food but I'm pretty much on a meat, fish, dairy and grains diet due to everything else tasting awful...
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    Transgendered Woman Beat Up In McDonald's; Employees Do Nothing

    Sorry, ignore this fail edit of a post.
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    Transgendered Woman Beat Up In McDonald's; Employees Do Nothing

    <spoiler=Long list of quotes> You people all realise that we have minimum wage jobs for a reason? Namely for people desperate for the money. They step in they lose their jobs, looks like them and their family isn't going to be eating for a while. Get another job you say? When the...
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    What Portal 2 feature are you most looking forward to?

    I'm looking forward to the whole portaling aspect, seems really interesting. The blue ones especially intrigue me.
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    Poll: What is wrong with America?

    The issue isn't the cuts, they pretty much said they would accept the cuts but still want to keep their collective bargaining rights. Without them they have little to no chance of getting the cuts removed in a more prosperous time. The Governor didn't go for that. He wants to take both, because...
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    Notch Pondering Achievements for Minecraft

    Yup, Multiple updates a month since May 09. Snails pace indeed...
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    Poll: Fallout:England-Would it Work?

    Eh Trafford center would be OK, Manchester town center would be sweet though. Imagine The Arndale infested with ghouls and having to escape down market street and up the broke escalator to The food court only to be mauled by the deathclaws that live in what used to be Burger King..
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    UK Student Protests: Wheelchair-bound student dragged across the road by police officer, BBC defend

    My thoughts, Why was he in his chair in the middle of a road during a riot? That just puts him in danger and stops the road being used by Police cars/Ambulance/whatever What was he doing to be called 'amazing' and 'A fucking hard nut' by guy in the crowd? Note that in the UK 'Hard' is used to...